A Collection of Short Stories

This is for the times when I think of an idea, that doesn't quite expand enough to make a full Movella.


6. A Morning Walk

I sit on the end of her bed. Waiting. It feels like all that I do in life is wait. I really can't wait any longer.

"Get off me" she mumbles sleepily. I must wake her up.

"Get off! Stop it!" She pushes my head away angrily.

My work done, I jump off the bed and run downstairs. I wait for her by the door, she seems to be taking forever this morning.

Finally! Here she comes! At last I might get to go out this morning. She helps me to get ready, and she gets ready herself.

Her face is not happy. She is staring at me with an annoyed look on her face. I can't explain to her that it's not my fault, I just have to go out. It's part of my instinct and I could never explain it to her.

She pulls me out the door, and I run down the path, pushing past her legs. She almost trips over me and yanks me back aggressively. I turn back to her, giving her a sad look with my eyes. She weakens and makes a strange noise like a laugh, letting me run on ahead.

I glance up at her joyfully, and pull her down the road, heading down my favourite route. But she heads in the opposite direction, directing me along with her. I don't mind because a walk is a walk.


Twenty-seven minutes later, she opens the door for me and we go back inside. I have had fun, but it most certainly wasn't long enough.

Having finished with me, she left me sat by the front door and went to talk to her mother.

I gaze after her, completely forgotten for now.

I didn't expect any more, after all, I'm only a dog.

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