A Collection of Short Stories

This is for the times when I think of an idea, that doesn't quite expand enough to make a full Movella.


7. A Blood Filled Night

When you run forward to darkness, there will be no escape.

That is where I am, in a shadow that I have become trapped in.

I stare at my friends, surrounding me on the floor, each in a pool of their own blood. I will join them if I don't get out of here. But it wasn't him who killed them, it was the ones who howl to the midnight moon.

They watch me, taking each step slowly, and knowing that I have no where to run to. They start hissing through their sharp teeth, running their tongues over the blood that lines their mouths. A chorus of growls push up their throats, making my skin crawl and my heart pound. A cold shiver runs down my spine as I stare them out. I am trembling all over, my teeth are chattering and my hands are shaking so hard that they feel sore. Even on this warm summer night, I feel cold.

I gulp and take one step. They're so fast, but he is faster. He runs faster than the speed of light, his movements only a blur to my weak human eyes. He thirsts for my blood, but he doesn't want the wolves to get me first.

In a confused blur it is over, and he grabs me by my arm. His cold hands make my blood freeze. He has a grip so tight that I feel his sharp nails indent my skin, and the warm blood flows down my arm. Pain shoots along my body, but I stay as silent as a whisper.

His running is faster than lightning. We are moving so fast that the night blurs around me and I begin to feel dizzy. He pulls me to a sudden stop on a hill so high that the moon is hanging right above our heads. He lets go.

The liquid crimson of his eyes is so deep and so dark that I can't help staring. His lips part slightly to reveal a pointed red tongue, encased by a line of gleaming white teeth. They are so perfectly even, but two particularly sharp teeth stand out from all the rest. He shuts his mouth so fast that me makes me jump. He slowly inhales through his nose, tipping his head back and closing his eyes at the same time. I frown at him, before I realise. The blood is still pouring out the nail marks on my arm. The teeth and claw marks from the wolves are also leaking blood, and he can smell it.

I take a gradual step backwards, and his eyes shoot open. He grins at me slyly, eyeing me up. He runs one of his bony fingers down a claw mark on my left arm. He takes the finger back and licks it slowly, savouring the taste. For a second, his pupils dilate as his brain processes the taste of my blood. His eyes return back to normal, but his open mouth aims itself at the bare skin of my neck. His teeth sink into my neck, he steals the blood from my pounding veins as my head feels gradually lighter with each passing moment. I feel my heart furiously trying to keep me alive, but every breath that I take, it gets closer and closer to the end.

I am thankful for the strong arms that catch me before my head hits the floor.

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