You and Me

Kally Anderson is a girl who smiles a lot until she gets to her house. Her uncle abuses her daily. She has no where else to go, she feels like she has to put up with all of that. Then in the beginning of her junior year a boy catches her attention. She had never seen him before. It was only time before fate decided to take its course. Both of them have secrets. They both have insecurities. They both have a decision to make.


1. My Story

                   "KALLY, GET OVER HERE!!" My uncle yelled! I tried to hide in my closet. I wasn't doing a very good job at it. Sometimes he didn't bother looking for me but other times he did! I didn't know how many beers he had drank so I didn't know how far he would go to hurting me. I have a sorry life and it has been this way for the past 5 years, since my father went to jail and my mother had died a few months before that. My uncle was my closest relatives and I was forced to be here. At first I thought it was something I had done and that's why he always he did the things he did to me but he was always careful not leave any bruises where anyone could see them.

"KALLY! IF YOU DON'T GET IN THIS LIVING ROOM IN ABOUT 3 SECONDS, I'M GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU REGRET IT!! 1...2...3!!" He yelled! I stayed quiet as a mouse. I thought about praying and decided that I should. Growing up with my mom we always went to church, just me and her. I haven't been since she died. Lord, if you can hear me then please help me, Amen! I hear him come into my room, he's throwing everything around! Great, just great! I thought! More for me to clean up!

Suddenly the closet door swings open! I cover my face ready to be hit some more! Instead he grabs me from my shirt and pulls me into the kitchen. I tried to pull away but his grip wouldn't budge. He grabbed a kitchen knife and said, "I told you I was going to make you regret it. Why do hide from me? I am just trying to love you and discipline you the way your father would."

"Please don't hurt me, I will do anything!" I told him with tears starting to roll down my cheek.

"SHUT UP!Stop crying! I warned you and you didn't listen! What type of person would I be if I didn't keep my word?" He said, with a sick smile on his face!

I couldn't even talk instead I was crying. All I could think about what that this was the time that he was going to truly kill me. He threw me on the floor and ripped my jeans. Suddenly I felt a pain shoot through my leg and I looked down and I saw that he had cut me on my thigh. Blood started pouring out. I was unaware when he grabbed a bottle of alcohol and just poured it over my leg. The pain was excruciating. That was when I started seeing different colors and my vision blurred. Then I was out. 

I dreamed and it was a beautiful dream because in it was with my mother.

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