You and Me

Kally Anderson is a girl who smiles a lot until she gets to her house. Her uncle abuses her daily. She has no where else to go, she feels like she has to put up with all of that. Then in the beginning of her junior year a boy catches her attention. She had never seen him before. It was only time before fate decided to take its course. Both of them have secrets. They both have insecurities. They both have a decision to make.


2. Leaving

          I woke up five minutes before my alarm went off. I slowly start sitting up when I feel a pain in my leg. I take of the cover and look down at my leg, sure enough, there was a bandage around my thigh and the events that happened the night before came flooding back to me. I wondered if I could even walk so I got up and stood on it for a few seconds. It felt sore just like it did when I exercised after I hadn't after a while. I walked around for a few and then I sat on my bed and thought on how I was going to get people to not suspect anything.

Yes, I could turn him in to the cops but then where would that get me? Nothing, they would just put him in jail with my dad and I would go to an orphanage. He was the only family I had left and I couldn't get the courage to turn him in. I also only had to put up with this for two more years. Then when I turned eighteen and graduated I could go off, but I had no experience in the working field because I never had a job. It was times like these that I wished that my mother was still here. She would know what to say and what to do. I mean I don't even have a car, my friends pick me up for school. I turn to look at the clock and it read 5:45. Gosh, I had already spent fifteen minutes sitting here.

I rush into the shower. The pain of the water hitting my cut was to much so I was forced to finish quick. I felt really down about having to get out quickly. Showers were the only time I had to myself and the only time I had to think about my life. I get out and change into my outfit. A pink shirt with a number forty on it and dark jeans with pink flats. It spoke cute but laid back. I made sure the jeans weren't that tight and I hoped no one bumped into me because that would really hurt. I then go to put my hair in a high ponytail, I wasn't in the mood to do anything else. I rarely wore makeup but i decided I would go with a swipe of mascara. 

I looked at the clock once more and it read 6:20. Good, ten minutes to eat breakfast and I would be ready for when my friends came to pick me up. I tiptoe to the kitchen, careful not to wake my uncle,Larry, up. He would be really upset if I did. I get out the milk and pour myself a bowl of cereal. I hadn't noticed that I was starving until I took that first bite. It felt as if I hadn't eaten in forever. 

I hear a honk outside the living room window and I know it is my friends Janna, Autumn, and Holly. Vanessa always met up with us at school because she had her own ride. I put the dish in the dishwasher and grab my bag and jacket and i run out. I quickly get in the backseat. 

"Hey Girrrl!" Janna said, looking into the rear view mirror.

"Hey Kally!" Autumn and Holly said in unison, those girls were like twins in so many ways and they weren't even related. 

"Hey Guys! How has yall's morning been?" I asked.

"Great! Yours?" They say in unison, we all crack up.

"Pretty good!" I said, and for the rest of the ride it was quiet. All of them on their phones. I didn't understand their obsession with their phones. I had one but they were the only people I ever texted and called. I looked out the window knowing we would be at the school in a few minutes, best enjoy this time I had to my own thoughts. 

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