You and Me

Kally Anderson is a girl who smiles a lot until she gets to her house. Her uncle abuses her daily. She has no where else to go, she feels like she has to put up with all of that. Then in the beginning of her junior year a boy catches her attention. She had never seen him before. It was only time before fate decided to take its course. Both of them have secrets. They both have insecurities. They both have a decision to make.


3. Emberassed

        When we got school we all jumped out and went to find Vanessa. She usually gets here before us because she likes to look around for a boy named Niall, that she has fallen head over heels with. He doesn't even know she exists though. I mean he knows who she is because he is in our grade and all but they don' t know each other personally and that's what worries me. She has already fallen so hard for him and she doesn't know anything about him. We walk over to the cafeteria because that's where you can always find Niall. He loves food, according to Vanessa. We walk over to the table that has been ours since 9th grade. 

"Hey Vanessa, whatcha doing?" I say, starting up conversation.

"You know she's doing what she does all the time, stalk Niall Horan. Don't you get tired Vanessa?" Janna says with a smile.

We all look over at Vanessa and she's stuck staring at him. The thing is I doubt he has ever noticed and isn't she embarrassed? It's funny to watch though.

"Vanessa!!" I yell loud enough that everyone in the cafeteria turns to look. Vanessa quickly snaps out of whatever she was in and blushes when she sees everyone looking at us.

"What Kally?! Don't you see I am busy?!"Vanessa says, I detect a hint of irritation in her voice but I don't care. 

"I asked you a question but you were to busy staring at Niall to pay attention!" I said, while crossing my arms.

"Well I am sorry but I can't stop looking at him. Look he is so cute!" She says, looking over my shoulder to the table that Niall was at. I turned around to see what was so amazing about that boy.

"He is eating, Vanessa!" I said.

"Yes, but he just does it different. He's cute eating!" She said with a dreamy look in her eye. I turn to see what the other girls had to say but they were staring towards the table to, looking at Niall eat. The boy was very handsome but not that much to be watching him eat. He still seems oblivious that there is four girls watching him like puppies.

They are so crazy and that is exactly why we are friends. Suddenly I see Vanessa raise her hand up and wave at someone. I turn around to see who she's waving at and I see Niall wave back. I look at Vanessa and she is blushing like a maniac. How cute! 

" He waved at you!! How exciting!!" Autumn said to Vanessa.

"I know! Ah! I have to control myself! I got to breathe!" Vanessa said, fanning herself.

"So i'm guessing y'all talked?" Holly asks.

"Yes! Yesterday in Chemistry. He needed help and I helped him and then we traded numbers just in case he needed help." She excitedly explained, practically jumping out of her seat. I could tell she was happy about it all and I felt happy for her and I hoped that things would work out between her and Niall. The bell rang and everyone headed to class. 

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