You and Me

Kally Anderson is a girl who smiles a lot until she gets to her house. Her uncle abuses her daily. She has no where else to go, she feels like she has to put up with all of that. Then in the beginning of her junior year a boy catches her attention. She had never seen him before. It was only time before fate decided to take its course. Both of them have secrets. They both have insecurities. They both have a decision to make.


4. Detention

       I quickly walked to my 3rd period class after having troubles with opening my locker. If I didn't walk faster I was sure to be late and to get detention. I have never had detention and I didn't want to start now. I walk in and sit down as the bell rings. Perfect. 

"You got lucky!" Sam Thompson, a jock, says, and then winks at me.

I smile and look straight forward. He is such a flirt. I dated him when we were younger but that didn't last long because my dad ran him off. He didn't talk to me for months after that. Now we are just friends. He is now dating a stuck up cheerleader named Chelsea. No one really likes her except her cheerleading friends and sometimes I doubt they even like her. Why was English so boring. All he did was ramble about a bunch of words none of us understood.

"Ms. Anderson, what is it be?" He asked.

"Huh? What would what be?" I asked a panic rising in my chest.

"Maybe you can figure it out today in detention and you can tell us tomorrow. Everyone read pages 20-25 in your textbook. There will be a quiz on it tomorrow! Goodbye!" Mr. Gentry said, as the bell rang! Great, I had detention. That should be fun! 

"Great Job!" Sam says and gives me a pat on the head. He walks away laughing at me. Well I guess today the odds are against me after all. 

One period later and I am walking to detention. I walk into the class and sat down in the only empty chair that was there. To my left there was a black haired boy who had a bad boy look about him and to my right there was this boy with brown, straight hair he looked more innocent. The teacher in charge called roll and left the room! I was surprised that she did, I mean didn't she know that some of these kids would leave. 

"Your Kally Anderson, right?" The black haired boy asked.

"Yeah, and you are?" I asked, thinking that I had never seen him before.

"My name is Zayne! I am a regular here!" He said, proudly. He gave me a perfect white smile!

"Have some manners Zayne and introduce me to the little lady!" The boy on my right asked.

"Oh yeah, this is my buddy Louis! He is also a regular here." Zayne said.

"Nice to meet you, Kally" Louis said, with a smile and he stuck out his hand.

"Nice to meet you too Louis!" I said while I shook his hand.

"So what did you do to land in Detention?" Zayne asked inching his body closer to mine.

"Well I didn't know how to answer Mr. Gentry's question in English because I was not paying attention." I said looking down ashamed.

"That's all?!" they both asked amused.

"Yeah, what did y'all do?" I asked, curious at what they were going to say.

"We set a stink bomb off in chemistry class! It was awesome!You should have been there!" Louis said, obviously proud at what they had both done. The thirty minutes went by quick when I had Zayne and Louis entertaining me with their hilarious stories of what they had done in the past years. The bell for 5th period rang and we said bye to each other. 

"Hey! Kally!" I heard Zayne yell. I turn around and he says," I better not see you in detention again, you are to good for that!"

"Thanks and I'll try!" I reply and head towards my locker feeling happy I had made two new friends.


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