'' Who thought I would be with stars, celebs, who thought I would be with one of the most popular boy band ever, who thought I would be popular, who thought I would like boys, well that and more came true and most of all who thought I would be the girlfriend of THE freaking HARRY STYLES!!!! and I hate him .......a lot''.her life changes from an ordinary lfe to a dramatic one.


6. Never done that before

    I put on the radio and the band that was playing before played another song called 'best song ever' I know cuz that's the song cat is always making noise about and well this one is nice too.she started singing the lyrics while I was humming the beat,i don't know the song and I am not a fan so I won't ten minutes we were in school and I found a parking space,as I was about parking there another car beat me to it and it was a big car.

''asshole'' cat yelled at the driver in the car, I squinted my eyes to get a better view of the person driving the car and it was non other than my ex- harry styles,i hated him and it is with all my heart.

''cat ,stop yelling it enough'' I told her quietly.

''whatever the guy or girl took our space'' she said still angry breathing heavily.

''dude it just a space and 1:it is a guy and 2:it is harry styles 3: it is NOT actually our space it is school property, ok''i told her looking for a parking space..... again.

''wait I you telling me that the driver of that jeep was harry styles?'' she questioned me panicking and looking at me like her eyes were about to pop out.

''uh.. duh'' I replied and rolled my eyes.

''you are lying cassie,don't you ever lie to me about my boys EVER!!''

''ok if you think I am ly..''

''uh duh you are''she cut me off

''can I finish please?, ok if u think I am lying take a really good look at him''i pointed at his direction.

''ok fine I will but I still think you are lying'' I rolled my eyes and she looked at him'' OMG THAT'S HIM, CASSIE THAT'S FREAKING STYLES!!!'' she strangled my shirt pulling it.

''wait, how did you know that's harry styles and you knew the name, how, you don't know any of them except Niall you met today'' she questioned me with worry in her voice.

''um,,i,,he has been in this school for two months now and always talk about him...d.u.h'' I panicked and managed to say.

''I know he has been in this school but how did you know that's him, I talk about him but I never showed you his pic..''

''well,!!!''I left the car running away from her, i wish I could tell her the truth, I just wish.


 I ran out of the car leaving cat behind, I just wish I could tell her but any time I have the guts I just panicked and left. Cat chased after me and caught up with me,''sooner or later you will tell me what's up with you, whether you like it or not'' she said angrily which actually feel like crying, she stormed off and left me alone, now she is angry with me all because of HIM.

     Cat went to her locker and I went to mine, I emptied all my bag's content into the locker and brought out my notebook and essentials for first period, i also got out my phone and ipod, I hurried away to my class cause I knew I was late due to the (NANDO'S) issue, I got to class and it had already started,i was faced with glares and stares but I didn't care I just ran to the back of the class to my usual seat and put my head low. when I thought my day was getting well it got was, I tried getting off my chair but I couldn't I was glued to the chair, i tried wiggling and shaking but no attempt, i took one more try then I heard a 'RIP' sound, I looked down at my dress and it was torn exposing my knickers, everyone began to laugh and I went red, I put my notebook behind my butt covering my torn dress and  ran out of the class crying (I couldn't hold it in ..I just couldn't) straight to the ladies.



  Before the day started, I decided to grab the third round of breakfast today(yep, I was still hungry)I put on a pair of tight black skinny's with a blue shirt, put on my blue vans and for disguise my black and white checkered scarf round my neck with my hat. I grabbed my shades, phone and wallet and headed out my apartment and into my range rover, so I don't attract any paps, and drove to Nando's. in 15mins I was at my destination,i got ouy of my car, locked it and quickly ran inside the building, hoping the paps don't get me. the cool air, blasting on my face as I made my way to the counter looking not to ovious. I made my order and made way, at the back of the restaurant,getting a chair,i got out my phone from my pocket and texted harry:


in Nandos very hungry, see you after school, :D :)

<message over>

in five minutes I got a reply from him and it read:

ur alwys eating but whateva, have a good 3 breakfast and c u later. x harry

  I rolled my eyes at his text and put my phone away, then my order came in, I thanked the waitress and she smiled and left, immedieatly and I quiclkly dived in the food eating and gulping down my drink. two girls came in 6mins later and they were both pretty, a blonde and a brunette, one came over to me taking the sit next to me, I pretended to ignore her and I went back to my food. it was an awkward silence and she decided to break it..............

          ''um..hello'' she gently said.

         ''hi'' I simply said making sure she didn't recognize me.

       ''are you cold or something cause it's like 7OoC out and you're wearing that'' she said gaining confidence and referring to my scarf and hat.

''um, right yeah I am cold...brbrrr''I hugged myself pretending to shiver.

''ok'' she rolled her eyes and said awkwardly.

''by the way am Casandra....Lockwood, what's yours?'' she stretched out her arm waiting for me to take it.

''i'm Niall Horan''i took her hand and shook it, then removed my scarf and hat(maybe she is not a fan or something)and back to my food.

''nice to meet you Niall Horan'' she watched me eat and I saw her with corner of my eye,  she was blushing, she was actually very beautiful and cute. she saw her friend and she got of the seat she was on and left me there she waving to me though and I waved back. she was about to leave when I called back to her ''Casandra'' I yelled ignoring the stares I got from other people, she turned around facing my direction'' mm'' she said coming closer to me .for the first time I stopped eating for a girl. WOW, I have never done that before...........



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