'' Who thought I would be with stars, celebs, who thought I would be with one of the most popular boy band ever, who thought I would be popular, who thought I would like boys, well that and more came true and most of all who thought I would be the girlfriend of THE freaking HARRY STYLES!!!! and I hate him .......a lot''.her life changes from an ordinary lfe to a dramatic one.


3. my sis

I quietly creeped out of my doorway and passed my parents room, living room, gym and tip-toed into my sister's room,i t was ajar so I just let myself in,i didn't bother knocking, i entered and a body shape was under the duvet, I quietly walked down to her princess size bed and leaned in for a kiss on the fore head when a bark ascended from under the duvet, i jumped and screamed'' haha you fell for it'' a squicky girly voice said it behind me, i turned my head my hair swaying to the side, it was my sister Sidney.

       ''why did you do that'' I almost yelled at her.

       ''am sorry, just a little fun'' she said with her cute adorable voice.

       ''awawaw ok apology accepted''i stretched my arm out welcoming her into a hug, she accepted and the hug lasted for about 1min before she pulled away from me. ''cassie why are you up this early''? she asked looking at the expensive posh wall clock dangling from the wall behind her. ''um---alarm---school---gonna be late---duh'' I said to her in a DUH tone is rolled her eyes and giggled, the thing under the duvet turned out to be the family dog Siandra (yeah it was named after me and Sidney I know it's weird my mom taught it was cute) Sidney snapped her two fingers summoning the furry thing to stay next to her,she patted the dog and played with it, it was more of her dog than the family dog.

          ''you really love the dog don't you'' I asked her folding my arms looking down at the little scamp.

          ''Mm, I really do'' she answered.

           ''well cuz you two are like best friends''i said playing with my hair.

                ''we are best friends sis'' she said in a DUH tone.

              ''whatever girl, whatever, well I got to go I've got school if mom and da wake up tell them I've gone ok?'' I waited for a reply since I didn't here any I left her room.


   I got downstairs, down the hallway and past the rooms I headed outside and a little voice called my name ''cassie?'' I turned around and saw Sidney with siandra ''yes little sis'' I replied ''I love you'' she said and I blushed at her words and replied ''I love you too'' she giggled and ran in leaving the white little dog behind ''wolf woof'' the dog barked and I smiled and kissed his forehead, he wagged his tail and went in after Sidney. they are both cute. they left the door open, I closed it behind me and entered my car, inside , I got a text frome my bff Catherine.

<the message read>


<message reply>



    I put on my seatbelt, started the ignition and drove off to my destination( NANDO"S), on my way I was feeling bored so I decided to put on some music, it was tuned to a station and started playing a song I couldn't recognize, i hummed to the beat and I think the song was titled 'best song ever' it was really nice and it looked like it was played by a bunch of boys in a boy band, they were not bad themselves. I finally got to my destination and parked at an empty space in a parking lot,i got out locking the car behind me.

   ''hi cassie'' my best friend came up to me and welcomed me in a hug, I accepted and hugged back.

    ''hi cat, what have you been up to'' I asked

    ''um-- actually not much, the usual'' she answered, we started entering the medium sized building and cool air brushed passed me, i hugged myself and started shivering.

  ''um cassie you can go and sit down, let me just grab a drink and we will be on our way ok?'' she told me and went to the cash register.

       ''what eves i'll be at the back were it isn't cold'' I replied. i headed to a chair opposite a guy, he was wearing a scarf, sun glasses and a hat.

''wow, um--hi'' I said shyly looking at the guy's hat and breaking the awkward silence between us.

   ''hey'' he simply said and went back to his food munching it down like a hungry lion.

''are you that cold it is only, one a/c and it is like 680c out and you're wearing that'' I said referring to his scarf and hat he was wearing.

''um----well----um---I-i'm cold brrrrrrr'' he pretended to shiver and sneeze.

''ok'' I said awkwardly and rolled my eyes turning away from him,he really loves eating from the looks of it.

''by the way i'm Casandra---b-bellow'' I stretched out my hands gesturing him to take it.

''i'm Niall Horan'' he cleaned his oily greasy hands on a napkin and took my hand.Cat was close so I got up from my position past him and went to her.

''you ready'' she called out,I replied as I was about stepping out I heard my name from behind''casandra'' I looked back and it was the Niall guy with the scarf.''y-yes''i stammered and moved to where he was. ''this might sound weird but, um--can I please get your number, so we can talk more?'' he said shyly placing his phone on the table and removing his scarf and hat(wow his hair was nice),I picked it up blushing like crazy, typed in my number, saved it as 'cassie',took a pic of myself and gave it back to him, he muttered thanks and I replied.




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