'' Who thought I would be with stars, celebs, who thought I would be with one of the most popular boy band ever, who thought I would be popular, who thought I would like boys, well that and more came true and most of all who thought I would be the girlfriend of THE freaking HARRY STYLES!!!! and I hate him .......a lot''.her life changes from an ordinary lfe to a dramatic one.


1. morning


6am in the morning, i woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping and was so annoying. i hit the top of it with my palm and my face under my pillow, but it didn't stop making the annoying sound, so I swiped it with the back of my hand making it fall to the ground into pieces. I looked down at the sight of the clock, yep, it was really destroyed, i couldn't care as much.i groaned and rolled to the other side of my bed stretching my arm over the shelf to gran my phone,i checked the time and it was now 6:07,i cussed under my breath retuning my phone to it's spot, gently getting of the bed my feet swaying and scratching the floor(I really hate mornings)I got to the switch and put on the light, the rays entering my eye. I got into the giant bathroom to freshen up and look presentable for the day---------------in ten minutes I was out with a towel wrapped around my body, I felt shivers run down my spine and I was cold, i quickly went over the room past my bed and stretched high reaching for the a/c switch turning it off.

''what to wear, what to wear''i said to myself browsing through my clothes for something to wear, i finally got something, walked out and closed the door behind me. i immeadiately put the clothes on(it looked something like this and the boots):

after putting on my clothes and wearing my shoes, I took one more look down at my shoes examing it and uttered the word ''perfect'', now I concentrated on my hair, brushing and holding it in my grip'' I really hate my long hair'' I whispered to myself before releasing the hair from my grip allowing it to fall back.----------- I took one more look down my body into the mirror ''I hate myself''i said in disgust. I grabbed my keys, purse,phone and ipod(I know I will really need this) took one more look back and headed out putting off the lights.



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