'' Who thought I would be with stars, celebs, who thought I would be with one of the most popular boy band ever, who thought I would be popular, who thought I would like boys, well that and more came true and most of all who thought I would be the girlfriend of THE freaking HARRY STYLES!!!! and I hate him .......a lot''.her life changes from an ordinary lfe to a dramatic one.


4. meeting a stranger

''um sure why not'' I gave him my phone number and saved it.

''I saved it has cassie if you don't mind''i was still blushing like crazy,i was still about to collect his when cat called me' 'hey cassie ,were gonna be late you coming?''she yelled from the front of the restaurant and I felt very embarrassed,i could see niall blushing too and chuckling lightly.

      ''so um--bye maybe we can meet some other time or watever'' I said still blushing like crazy,but looking down at the shiny floor.

                ''yeah sure I will like that ''he said playing with his food.

    ''well ok bye'' I waved to him and the next thing I know I was pulled out by a very annoying best friend.


        we got out of the building and I was still being dragged out, we searched for the car, when we found it we got and put our seat belts on cat took a sip of her coke and started talking.'' cassie do you know hat and who you were just talking to?'' she said in a panicking voice and I was feeling scared ''umm I don't know but I bet you will tell me''i gently said.

''omg you were just talking to one of the members of one of the biggest bands in the world, ahahaha'' she hit her hand on the dashboard making her drink spill.

     ''cat look at what you've done now''i said getting angry and my soiled carpet.

      ''forget the freaking spill and listen'' she started getting serious and I started getting scared.

   ''whatever babe, go on'' I gestured her.

    ''oh now listen you just gave your number to Niall freaking Horan,ahahah'' she almost screamed her lungs out, hitting and moving the chair like a little kid.

    ''oh is it that band you are dead crazy about and you talk about everyday,especiall that lou--''I said trying to sound supportive.

''yes it is,yes it is and it is LOUIS TOMILINSON,i will marry him one day and don't try to sound like you are not happy.

''but why was that Niall in disguise?''i asked curious

''um hello girl, celeb--crazy fans like me--public place---paps, DUH'' she said making me look foolish in the process. ''but he does have great hair, better than mine''i tried to sound happy. ''girl, you do have great hair, yes he is hot you guys should talk more and he will introduce his friends you will introduce me and Louis will fall for me and ---''

''whoah, cool down, lets talk about this later, we are so late for school'' I hushed her, stated the ignition, she rolled her eyes at me I rolled mine and we both giggled, I drove off for school. what do you have for me today. I sighed as I was driving.




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