'' Who thought I would be with stars, celebs, who thought I would be with one of the most popular boy band ever, who thought I would be popular, who thought I would like boys, well that and more came true and most of all who thought I would be the girlfriend of THE freaking HARRY STYLES!!!! and I hate him .......a lot''.her life changes from an ordinary lfe to a dramatic one.


7. I think i like her....


  ''this might sound weird but, can I please get your number?'' I said shyly looking down at the floor, removing my scarf and hat (she really doesn't know who I am).

  ''uh sure, I guess'' she collected my phone typed in her number and took a pic of herself then gave it back to me, I looked at the pic and she was beautiful. we gazed into each others eyes and it felt like for ever( I wanted it to be forever)we were broken out of our gaze when her friend called her ''cassie you coming'' she blushed a little and I could really see it,i smiled at her and looke3d a t something else but her. ''so uh..bye, maybe will talk or see each other again you can text me ok?'' she told me I nodded foolishly looking at her face, she waved to me and I waved back,she didn't get my number, I must call her, I will today.

     I hurriedly rushed my food, paid and left the building as fast as i could, don't know why but i just wanted to catch up with her. i got to my car, got in and texted the guys:

<text to the guys>

met a girl today, don't think she is a fan though but she is very pretty and cute and smart and  i think i like her..tell u d rest later.

<message ends>

i pressed the send button and in 5 mins i got a reply, guess they were using their phones.

< message from Louis>

whoa, way 2 go man, nice happy 4 u.


<message from harry>

awesome dude, does she have a friend is she pretty, make sure i don't get the girl(a/n casandra) first LOL...


<message from Zayn>

Nice the Nialler got a girlie well will get a girlie.


 i read all their texts and replied them then I put on my seatbelt and dropped my phone, I started the ignition and thought about the girl, i really liked her and i just met her, wow that was weird.

i was brought of my thought by the paparazzi,I cussed under my breath and drove as fast as i could before, they get any shots, but how did they find me, it doesn't matter though what matters now is the girl,I think i like her,I think I like casandra





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