'' Who thought I would be with stars, celebs, who thought I would be with one of the most popular boy band ever, who thought I would be popular, who thought I would like boys, well that and more came true and most of all who thought I would be the girlfriend of THE freaking HARRY STYLES!!!! and I hate him .......a lot''.her life changes from an ordinary lfe to a dramatic one.


10. Drama With Styles (TWO)

''yeah ad's right they ae just haters ok doll?''

''you guys are right ok, i am better now thanks''i hugged cat and adams and wipped the last tear that fell on my face, they are the only ones who actually make me feel better and makes school better for me.i heard the bell and left them both heading for my locker, i had french it was the last class i had today but it was with harry and adams,i hated that alot.I opened my locker,grabbed my notebook and ipod when i was about to tun someone touched me,i hit the person with shock and i turned around it was harry styles.

''oh my gosh i'm---oh its you what do you want from me styles?'' i said coldly.

''oh shit cassie, you just hit me on the nose''he touched his nose and looked at me with anger.

''fine sorry i hit you, next time don't sneak up on me like that again''

''sorry i did that''

''whatever, now what do you want i got class to go to''i ignored his apology and said coldly.

''i know, were both in that class cass''

''look styles,if you don't have anything to say i will be on my way now''i walked past him and left him there with his bleeding nose them i called back to him ''oh and styles, i am going to say this kindly, NEVER TALK, LOOK, TOUCH, TO ME AGAIN!!!''

''that wasn't nicely cass''he replied

''just fuck off''i said and left.


during french class, as usual i was being insulted and things were thrown at me,adam was telling me to ignore but it just hurt so bad, i started crying again and that's when i put my head low and put my earpiece on, blocking out all the sounds and ignoring adam i really hate everything.Finally class was over,and i was awoken by a familiar voice that i said never to talk to me again.

''casandra''he said softly

''what,go away''i said still half asleep.

''class is over,get up''he said softly.

i flung my eyes open and saw him standing next to me,smiling at me like a little child ,did i really sleep long? well whatever.

''why is there paper all over me?''i asked curriously

''yeah well were sleeping and well everyone was throwing stuff at you''

''were is adam?''i looked around the empty class room and no one was there but him and i.

''fuck, ow my head hurts''i put my hands on forehead rubbing it.

''yeah you were crying and i don't know were you're boyfriend went to''he said in an ''oviously'' tone.

''first of all thanks for staying and waking me up and secondly ADAM IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND ANYMORE''

''wait so he was you're boyfriend when before or after me?''

''harry leave me alone, i hate you, leave go,''i said harshly

''what's the matter doll''he smirked at me making me feel disgusted.

''only true friends call me that and last time i checked you're not my friend, now please leave me alone and i told you not to talk to me again''i spoke to him coldly.

''whoah, no need for the attitude do-- i mean cassie''he put his hands up in a surender making me feel even more disgusted.

''this is not an attitude, harry FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE you have caused me enough pain already just go and leave me'' with that i tried leaving but he pulled me back, pulling my arm.

''what do you still want from me, why me, why don't you go and meet your celebrity girlfriend and leave me,you wanted her,you used and dumped me for her so go and leave me alone,i hate you, i did ,still do, and not gonna stop,you are a dickhead and a doche, never in your messed up life talk to me again please fuck off'' after saying that i began to cry real hard and i released myself from his grip''asshole''i said and left him there to rot,i hate him really do.I cried out of the class and into the girl's bathroom.i cried and cried until i got tired of crying, then i realised that i left my bag and ipod back at the class room,i'll just send adam to get it for me.


Adam's pov

class was over and i wanted to wake cassie up cause she was still sleeping, when harry called me and told me to leave, i refused and he threatened to hit me but i still refused then he hit me on the eye and gave me a black eye,i whimpered and left the class in pain.i left for my car to drop of my stuff,then headed to the cafeteria still thinking about what harry wants to do with cassie,i met up with cat and we sat together talking.

''hey, AD what's wrong you're not listening?''she asked me and i was still looking down at my food.

''adam what's wrong look at me, look at me''she touched my chin but i didn't budge then she forcefully raised up my head.

''OMG!!! adam who did this to you,tell me harry isn't it?''she asked with concern but i still didn't talk.

''oh no what happened, adam talk to me please''she begged .

''ok fine,yes harry hit me but it's not important''.

''it's no---,fuck adam look at you're eye its purple and swollen how is this not important?'' she said shakeyly.

''oh gosh.., ok see cassie was sleeping and i tried to wake her up then harry threatned and this happened then i left her alone and walked out of the class,i don't know what he did to her''.

''wait so harry hit you, 1D harry hit you?''she asked confused.

''yes cat, yes,that harry is a bad guy, and did cassie tell you anything bout'em''i asked.

''no why''

''look, she and harry w-e-nt out and he saw another girl behind her back and they broke up and then we both went out and we broke up and things happened''.i spoke fast and scared.

''were was i when this happened?''she asked still confused.

''you were with us is just that..we kept it a secret,and about the harry thing...well..uh..cass didn't..''i said panicking.

''she didn't what, adam,answer me now''she said becoming unpatient

''she didn't tell you, that's it, she knew you were a 1D fan so she didn't want any..i don't know trouble''i said worridly.

''she didn't want any trouble...humph, i'll just ignore that and well lets go find her, after what you told me,i get why she didn't want to tell me anything during the car ride''

''what?,what car ride,and you're not mad at her?''i asked looking at her straight in the eye.

''mmhmm,looks let's go get her before that harry those anything to her,ok"she rushed up her food, pulled me by the arm and dragged me out of the cafeteria,we ran to the class i had previously to find only harry.

''you asshole what have you done to cassie?"cat yelled at the top of her voice,raging angryliy to harry.

''i dunno,she left the class earliar on crying''he said grinning like an idiot.

''she left, sh-- you were just with her and--what did you do to her?''i said angrily slapping harry in the face,making him wince in pain.

''that for giving me this you bastard''i said smirking at him pointing at my puple eye.

''look leave me alone ok, i said i dunno just go ok''he said sadly walking past cat and i.

''where do you think she went of to?''

''wait,i think know''she left me standing in the class,running of.



i wiped and cleaned up my messed of face when i heard someone enter the bathroom, i stayed still making sure i don't cry anymore,then i heard my name.

''cassie,doll,are you in here?''it was cat,i opened up the stall i was in and went over to her hugging her real tight.

''omg,cassie what happened to you,what did harry do to you?''i tried controlling myself not to cry,holding a big lump in my throat.

''i'm sorry cat,i really am,i should have told you everything,bu--''

''shhshshh,it's ok,adam told me everything,i'm not mad anymore''she said like a mother pampering her child.

''really, thanks and now you know everything,do you still like your band uh is it two erection or um,uh..''i said forcing a smile on my face.

''cass baby it's one direction,i still like the band but not the harry styles in it''she said gining evily.we walked out of the bathroom and caught up with adam.i got my phone,bookbag and ipod and left the class heading fo my car.

''so cass where you of to now?''adam asked playfully.

''to be a stripper and have sex with guys''i said sacastically

''obviously i'm heading home,today was officially the worst day of my entire life''i sad sadly entering my car,and cat joining me at the passenger seat.I drove in complete silence and the only thing that was breaking the awkward silence was the music blaring from the looked outside the window and i concentrated on my driving,i dropped her home and headed for my house,i got home,grabbed my things and locked the car.

yep today was the was day ever.

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