'' Who thought I would be with stars, celebs, who thought I would be with one of the most popular boy band ever, who thought I would be popular, who thought I would like boys, well that and more came true and most of all who thought I would be the girlfriend of THE freaking HARRY STYLES!!!! and I hate him .......a lot''.her life changes from an ordinary lfe to a dramatic one.


8. Drama With Styles (ONE)

    I tried mending my torn dress with the safety kit in the bathroom, but i couldn't so i just covered the huge hole with my jacket, i had cried so much my eyes were puffy and red and my make-up smeared all over my face. i managed to clean up my face and come out of the bathroom, i was so humiliated and angry, bad things always happen to me in this school like i was cursed or something.

    I saw cat with Adams( our friend) and i ran all over to them with my heel boots, i went to cat and cried on her shoulder, even if she was angry at me she was still my best friend.

''shhhh doll what's wrong?'' she asked concerned and i thought she hated me this morning, well looks like i thought wrong.. she still loves me.

''M-m- my d-d-dress, ripped, embarrassed, angry,  I WANNA GO HOME!!!. i managed to blurt out and acted like a kid the whole time.I hate school, I REALLY DID.

''Hey there cassie everything is going to be alright ok?'' Adams grabbed my arm pulling me from cat and to his chest, it was warm and nice. he rested his chin on top of my head and held me close to him

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