A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


98. The Slug Party

-One Week Later 







Things have been going really good after I woke up -more like came back to life. My friends and mother have been super protective of me though, which is, I have to admit, really cute. I've been taking my classes regularly, teaching my Muggles Studies lessons too. Thing's have been going crazy with my Muggles Studies classes. Last time, I taught them about cell phones, their reactions were absolutely hilarious. I asked professor Dumbledore if I could bring them my phone and he said I can. I did my best to let all of the students try it, the class was full of excitement. I really love doing this. 

"I don't even know why we use still owls at all." Sirius said. "I mean, why write a letter when you can hear the other person's voice in your ear?" 

"Are you kidding me? It's creepy. It's like the other person's whispering in your ear, but actually shouting." Max said. 

"Well, you're not supposed to be shouting while using the phone, the other person's gonna hear you anyway, but I that's what most of you did." I said laughing. 

"Well, we're sorry for not knowing how your secret little machine works, professor Cross." Max said joking. 

Really, the class was amazing. 

Mom's been working on the video with Ben since the ministry allowed them to film it - both ministries actually, the Ministry of Magic and the one for Muggles. 

I went to the Slug club last Friday and professor Slughorn was quite delighted to see me there, so were the others. It's been a good week, really, and today we have a Quidditch match against the Slytherins. 

The Gryffindor's VS. Slytherin match was today, we enjoyed watching it so much. James was amazing, the whole team was, really. However they weren't good enough, Slytherin won, which means we'll have to compete with Slytherin for the finals. I hope we get the house cup, it would be quite amazing. 

Now I was sitting with my friends, it was dinnertime and we were just talking about the match. 

"I still can't believe Slytherin won. Gryffindor lost, that's impossible!" Max was saying. 

"And I still can't believe you're not a Gryffindor." Remus said chuckling. "Sometimes I think you love Gryffindor more than you love your own house." Max laughed. 

"Come on, it's not like that." She said. "I mean I really love Gryffindor, like really, my father was a Gryffindor and it would've been cool to be a Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw is what I am. It just is. Think of it this way Remus, there is no smarter girl in the room than me, therefore I'm a Ravenclaw of course." 

"Oh, yeah, you're right. You're the smartest in the room." Remus said sarcastically and then kissed her lightly. I love this couple, they're so adorable. Serious started acting like he was getting sick and we all laughed at him. 

"Sirius, I forgot to tell you." I said. "The Slug party's on Friday." 

"You should've told me earlier, I think I'll go with Clara, she asked me first." I raised an eyebrow. 

"We make a good couple, right?" Clara said joking. 

"Well, at least you make a better couple than Max and Remus here." We all laughed. 

"Jealous much? Geez, he's all yours just don't get that jealous." 












I had no idea how the Slug party was going to be like, neither did Alex. All she knew was that we both have to dress formally and go as a couple. Kyle's coming too, with Clara. Alex and I decided to meet by the stairs. As always, she looked incredible. I love it when she dresses like this, she looks like a princess, too good to be mine. 

"My lady." I said as I kissed her hand. She giggled. 

"You look amazing." She said. 

"So do you." I said. "Let's go?" She nodded. 

Honestly, the party was really cool. I mean, not at first, no, at first it was all boring and everything, but then it got so much fun, the music was good, the food was good, and then all of us sat on a table with professor Slughorn and just talked about everything we had in mind. Alex told me that this was what they normally do in the club, I didn't really think it would be fun, it never sounded so, but actually it was. Everyone loved jokes, and I love joking. 

The best thing though, was that Alex was there with me. I've been spending so much time with her lately, I just can't believe she's well and awake, alive and always by my side.




The music was on and everyone was slow-dancing. I knew Alex wanted to dance, so I offered her my hand. We moved together, knowing the other's move without even asking. That's how much we've known each other for now. We have each other memorized. My hands on her waist, hers on the back of my neck, we danced and danced. She twirled a bit, then Kyle and Clara came. 

"Mind if I stole her?" I smiled at him, taking Clara's hand. 

The dance with Clara was so funny. Clara's a sweet girl, I've always thought so. She kept laughing during the whole dance, laughing and blushing. Of course, my dance with her was nothing like the one with Alex. Dancing with Clara was like  dancing with a sister of mine. I glimpsed at Kyle and Alex and found them too, laughing. When she met my gaze, she came to me, and the moment I saw her coming to me, I remembered her in that bed. Something blurred my sight... tears. 

"What's wrong?" She asked, pushing her fingers into mine. 

"Nothing." I lied. She gave me a questioning look. "I just- I still can't believe I almost lost you." She smiled slightly. 

"What would you have done without me?" She laughed a bit. "Don't worry. I'm right and well now, and I'll stuck here with you for the longest it takes. I'll stay with you until you get sick of my face and beg me to leave you alone." I laughed at this, because she doesn't know what she means to me. How important she is.

"You know," I started telling her. "I would have to wait until I die to get enough of you." Alex smiled. "and even if I lived and died a thousand times I would still not get enough of you." She blushed slightly. "Ally even if I was immortal, my immortality wouldn't be enough to make me get sick of you. I love you." Then we were kissing, and professor Slughorn broke it all. 

"Delighted to see all of you having fun, dancing and all. Now I just need us all to gather for a bit to dine and have a small chat as usual." 

And the night passed. 



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