A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


78. the patronus






The evening was quite romantic. So after a couple of kisses and - you know, flirting and everything, Sirius and I started talking. We talked about many things, and when we talked about Patronuses he told me, 

"I have to teach you how to make a Patronus."

"Alright, Professor Black." 

"Or should we save it to the Magic Basics class?"

"I think professor Dumbledore wouldn't even allow me to take this class anymore. I've learned almost everything I'm supposed to, right?"

"Well, yeah. After thinking, you shouldn't really tell professor Dumbledore about your Magic Basics class. Not unless he asks, of course." I giggled. 

"Sure. Now teach me." 

Sirius started telling me that this was such a powerful spell, and that I'd need so much practice to master it. With the help of Sirius we found something called a "boggart" Which is a shapeless creature that would take the shape of whatever the person feared the most. 

I knew that with Patronuses we can fight Dementors. Not that I've even seen a Dementor, but it seems like a horrible creature. 

Sirius feared Dementors, he really did. He told me that if somehow he ended up getting himself into Azkaban he would rather die than make the Dementors make him a joyless, almost lifeless soul. 

"It's not like you'll end up going to Azkaban." I said as he told me. "I mean, I know you and the marauders do mischievous things but they're not crimes. You have to do horrible crimes to end up in Azkaban, right?" 

"Well, yeah. You're a fast learner Ally." He paused. "I don't know, I just hope I never do. I don't want to face real Dementors."  

So it made since, the boggart would take a Dementor's shape when Sirius faces it and then I would stop it.

The incantation's Expecto Patronum.

"Remember, think of something happy. Are you ready?" And when I nodded he let the boggart out of its box. 

It took me a while to find a happy moment, I remembered the ball night, but after passing out I realized that it wasn't a good memory. Next time I imagined the day my mother and I left dad's house, it wasn't strong enough. Next, when I met the girls, not strong enough. I have to admit, passing out wasn't really cool. It was exhausting an kind of terrifying. At last I decided to merge my good memories together so that it would make the perfect memory. I mean, I can think of more than one happy moment at the same time, so why not? 

I thought of my mother's face when she knew I was going to Hogwarts. She was so happy for me, so proud somehow. I thought of the first time I realized that Max, Clara and Lara have become more than friends for me. I thought of the first time Sirius and I kissed, and our kiss that caused me to become half a witch. I thought of the first time I did magic. And finally of yesterday. They were all very fast memories when you wanted to remember a bit of them. But they were quite strong. 

Just by thinking of them, my heart was full of happiness and joy. 

Sirius let the boggart out of its box. 

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" I said strongly. A blue light emerged out of the tip of my wand. Making a blue almost ghostly shape of a cat. The cat ran to the Dementor and it looked like it was jumping on it. The light caused a wall that, as I controlled, caused the Dementor to get back into its box. 

"YES! I knew you could do it!" Sirius held me and started spinning me around. He was so excite for me! I kissed him a thousand times. "You have no idea how strong you are Ally." 

I swear to God no one could say my name like he did. Something about the way he pronounced the A as if it was a call of joy, the way his L seemed sweet and the way the Y ended the name in a dramatic, touching way.

"You're the one who makes me believe it." 

Then we lay on the floor, both had our wands in our hands and were using them. My head on Sirius's lap. His left hand brushing my hair playfully, and two patronuses of a dog and a cat, running together in the sky. 

And the air was filled with the voices of our laughter. 







When I woke up the next morning, I didn't find Alex there. Of course, she said she would spend the night with Sirius. Max went very late to the dorm yesterday, and I woke up by her giggling sound. 

"Why're you laughing?" I said barely able to open my eyes. 

"Remus." She whispered. "Go back to sleep." 

And so I did. Now Max was fast asleep, so I didn't even try to wake her up. Actually, all I wanted to do was talk about Kyle. I mean, yesterday was pretty amazing, the picture he drew is on my desk. I left it there to remind me of him, but I want him to draw me again and take the copy for himself. He said he wanted to do that too, so that whenever he missed me, he'll remember the way I look, "Not that you're forgettable, really. It's just that-" Was what he said.

"Oh relax Kyle, I get you." Was my respond with a laugh. 

That wasn't exactly what I was intending to talk to someone about, though. In fact, I don't want to talk to just anyone, I want to talk to Alex. She's the one who understands him the most. Maybe she even understands him more than I do, which, I have to admit, makes me quite jealous sometimes. In addition to the way he looks at  her, like she's a part of him. Maybe that's the way people look at their cousins or sisters, like their a part of them because they're a part of their childhood, but I can't stop wondering if Alex and Kyle ever dated. Because if they did, Kyle's look at her wouldn't haev been friendly, he would've had feelings for her. 

Alex isn't the one that's taken control over my brain, though. It's this girl. Jasmine. He said he was in love with someone else while he liked her. Does that mean there were two girls at once and he loved another girl more than Jasmine? Was that girl Alex? Had he never loved Jasmine? Had she love him? I had so many questions about her, and even that it was something that happened in the past, I wanted to know about it. Somehow, it meant something to me. I'm not sure what exactly, but I want to ask Alex about Jasmine. 

I thought of that all while I was changing to my school robes. I was ready now. I just needed to wait until Alex comes. 




"So." Alex said as she sat in the hall. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Umm. About Kyle actually." 

"Oh, no. Please don't ask me about his snorting or-"

"It's not about his snorting." I laughed. "It's about his past." 

"Oh. So, what do you want to know about his past?" 

"He talked to me about a girl called Jasmine. He didn't even mention it until I asked him if he's ever drawn anyone before and he said he drew her once." 

"He did?" She looked a bit disappointed. 

"Yeah, is it bad?" 

"N-no, it's not bad, it's just that, he never told me about it."

"Oh. So, about Jasmine..."

"Clara I want to tell you something." My heart almost stopped. I nodded. "Jasmine isn't exactly Kyle's past, it's his present. I don't mean the creepy way. Wait, let's try this again. When I came to Hogwarts, Kyle found himself a friend to fill my place, and that friend was Jasmine. They're still friends, but they're just friends." I could breath at last. 

"Just friends." I repeated. "Does he draw all his friends?" 

"Well... he drew me." 

"You're right." I said at last and hugged her. "Thanks for the talk."

And then as I left and thought about it more, I felt once again like I can't breath. 


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