A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


21. The Little Chat

Kyle's P.O.V


I said goodbye to mum and entered the school. I had my backpack on my shoulder and a book in my hand. It's very heavy, so I don't usually carry it around, only by my hand. As I walked to my locker I found Jasmine talking to her group of friends near my locker. When she saw me, I waved her hello, and she instantly smiled. 

I put my backpack in the locker, I only needed a notebook and a pen for my next class. I got them and found Jasmine by my side. 

"Hello." She said offering me her hand. 

"Oh hey." I shook her hand. She had my notebook in her hands. 

"Umm, thanks for the notebook, it was really useful."

"Really?" I asked. "Because I really didn't think it would be." She giggled. 

"Yeah, it was. So what do you have next?" 


"Actually it was a tricky question. I know your classes, because I share them all." 

"Oh really? Wait a second-" I said slowly. "The classes schedule I found in my locker, did you-?" Jasmine nodded. 

"I thought I'd be a bit helpful." 

"Well, thank you. The positive thing, at least I have a friend now who shares my classes." She nodded. 

"Your best friend, is Alex Cross right?" I was kinda surprised. Just a bit. Alex wasn't really a very popular girl. I mean, she was well-known and everything, but I didn't know that even Jasmine knew about her. I didn't even use to know about Jasmine, and she seems like a popular girl. I nodded. 

"Well, you're lucky. Everyone's been talking about her and she's really popular now. Actually you're popular too, cause you're her best friend and everything." She put her hair on her left shoulder. 

"Really?! Why are we popular?" 

"Because, you know, after the whole school exchange that happened next year - well, haven't you noticed that people talked about you two more? And also, Alex didn't come to school this year, and it's kinda suspicious, everyone's making some rumors about why she left school." 

"She didn't. She just won't attend Cambridge for this year. She'll spend her last year here, however." 

"Cool. So why isn't she spending this year at Cambridge?" Her eyes looked like they were waiting for me to talk, and felt like cameras that were set on me. I wasn't sure what to say. For sure, I won't say that she's half a witch and went to Hogwarts to learn magic, because she'd either think I'm a liar, or crazy. And even if she didn't, I think the whole wizarding world's supposed to be a secret, even if some of the muggles know about it now, we don't have to tell the whole universe about it. 

"Uh, well, she's ..." I hesitated. "She went to another school, because - it's nearer to her house." I wasn't sure about this lie. 

"Aha." She said. She didn't seem convinced, but I couldn't say anything else. She handed me my notebook. "Thank you again." She said. 

It hasn't been till now that I looked at her uniform. She was wearing a really tight blue shirt, and a short skirt. Cheerleaders clothes. I was really surprised. One, because I've been talking to her for a while and I haven't even noticed what she was wearing. And two, because a cheerleader was talking to me. Have I got more handsome or what? 

"You're a-" I said still surprised. 

"Yes, a cheerleader. You didn't know?" She laughed. She started playing with her hair. "Well, I couldn't be a cheerleader last year, but because it's my last year, I thought that this is my last chance to be a cheerleader, and I've always wanted to be a cheerleader, so yeah, now I am."

"You're a senior?" I asked, more shocked. Jasmine laughed once more, and hit my arm playfully. 

"Yes, Kyle. What else don't you know?" She called my name the way Clara called it for the first time, when we found her crying in the castle's corridors. But, even then, and whenever she called my name, Clara made it sound better. Like it belonged to a great person, or a character in your favorite movie, or novel. Jasmine, however, made it sound like she's been your friend, for a long time. And sometimes, like she was choking while saying it. I dunno why it felt like that.

"Actually, we should often talk more, cause it seems like I don't know a thing about you." I laughed. 





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