A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


41. The Forth Test





"Kyle, Kyle! I've just found that." Jasmine came to me running. I was in the school's hallway, talking to some boys. 


"Come here." She took my hand and I followed her lead. "See?" I read the paper pinned on the news board.


The Fourteen Students Who've Passed 

The Previous Three Tests for the 

Trip to Hogwarts Should All Go to the

Music Room Today, at 4:00 pm.


"How do you think the next test will be like?" Jasmine asked. 

"I don't know. They always surprise us, don't they." 

"Yeah." She said with a laugh. "Yeah they do." 




They told us to get in once at a time, and there were about two rooms. Jasmine and I both went into the different rooms at the same time. 

As the door closed behind me, the lights went out. 

"What? Umm, hello?" I said. 

I started touching the walls on my way walking, trying to get to the light button. And I tripped. 

"Is there anybody here?" 

I stood up again and tried to continue what I started doing, finally I found a button, but as I pushed it, it turned out to be not really a light button, but a recorder button. It played the tape, and it spoke. 

"You now are in the forth test that would lead you to Hogwarts. You have to past this one to go to the other step, and if you were able to pass them both, you will go to Hogwarts. If you have a Nyctophobia you can say it right now, and you will be free to get out of this room. Now will be your only chance, you can't say it later. If you're not Nyctophobic then you have to listen to the instructions to pass the test." It was a woman's voice, but I'm not sure whose it was. "There are many things in this room, things that can cause you to fall each time to start walking. Of course you'll need light. I'll give you a hint; as you walk, you'll find some sparks, there you'll find the light cables, use your mind to connect the right cables together, and then you'll get some light. After that you'll find a letter, and it will help you. Good luck." And that was all it said. 

I started walking, the floor was indeed really hard to walk on without stumbling. Many things were on the floor, things that really hurt as you walked on. At a moment I started thinking that maybe my legs were bleeding, even that I was wearing my shoes, but they weren't. The walk led me into another room, in it I saw the sparks. Well, they weren't really hard to be seen, honestly. I went to the place the sparks were in, careful not to catch fire accidentally. 

Okay, I can't really work with these cables with all this electricity's insanity. I have to disconnect all the cables. 

Unfortunately, as I looked closely, I discovered that there were lots of cables, and connecting the right ones would be too complicated. 

As I disconnected all the wires and was now in complete darkness. I reconnected two cables that were not supposed to be connected and it caused some sparks again. I did that on purpose, this way I can get some light without catching fire. Okay now, the wires. What to connect?

I started examining every wire at a time, trying to find anything that would lead me to know what it should be connected with. Fourteen were colored in different colors, I noticed as the spark flashed brighter. I took a step backwards, and then when I was sure the sparks won't get any stronger I took a step forward. Fourteen. Each two with the same colors had to be connected maybe? I tried doing that anyway. The blue with the blue, the red with the red, the green with the green, and so on. Seven light bulbs lit as I did that, and I couldn't help it but shout, "YES!" The other cables were all black. What should I do now? I disconnected the cables that caused the sparks, I didn't need them now, I had some light in the room, even that it was not bright. There were ten black wires. I studied the cables again, there had to be something special in them! 

And indeed there was. Each cable had some amount of copper wires in it, and it did take me a while to discover that. The copper wires were too thin, and I had to be really precise to get this right. I found one with fifteen copper wires in it, and so I only needed to find its twin. Finally I did, and once I got sure they both had fifteen copper wires in them, I connected them, and another light bulb got lit. I still had to find the other four matches. That was not as easy as I thought it would be. 

The next three matches went perfectly, the forth one however, did not. I connected the wrong cables, and it caused some great sparks. I wasn't really prepared for that, and so I jumped backwards, but still felt the pain in my hand. Shit, that hurt. I fell on the ground, but had to stand up. I had to finish this, no matter how much my hands ached. I should've been more careful, it looks like I got a bit reckless. I did the whole counting thing again and connected the right cables. I breathed out immediately, and discovered that I've been sweating. 

I tried to remember the instructions, now I have to find a paper that would help me. It would be easier for me to find it with the lights on, of course, and it didn't really take me so long to find it. Walking with the lights on was also quite easier. It was in a mug on the ground. folded many times. I unfolded the paper and started reading. 


If you've got that far, you should know that 

you're really doing good. 

Go back to the room you came from and 

look at the desk by the door. You'll

find some tools on it. Using anything 

on the desk will be allowed, using anything

from anywhere else in the room will 

be considered as cheating. You must 

use these tools to create something that

will allow you to open the door. 

Good luck.


I tried not to run to the other room, and as I went there, I could see now the desk the paper talked about. It surprisingly didn't have lots of tools on it. The "tools" were: 

a bicycle's wheel, a big knife sharpener, and a lighter. 







The room was still dark, and I couldn't take it anymore. 

"ALRIGHT I QUIT!" I shouted, hoping they'd hear me. Did I really just quit? I just can't really do this thing! I've been trying to walk to the sparks place for about an hour, and it's really exhausting do it in the dark. I feel so blind.

As I walked I found some sparks lightning the room just a bit, the sparks are in front of me, but I'm too scared to get any nearer to them. What if I caught fire? I'd die and rot here, without anyone knowing anything about it. 

I wonder how everyone else's doing. Can anyone really escape this? It's one of the worst things ever, I really hate it! 

"I SAID I QUIT!!" I shouted even louder. Hitting the walls with my hands strongly. After about five minutes, someone entered the room with a flashlight in his hand. 

"Ah, Jasmine. I thought you'd make it." It was professor Blake. One of the professors who've once been to Hogwarts. He went there with the school's approval, to be the company of the students. 

"I thought I'd make it too." I said standing up and walking towards him, carefully. As I reached him he offered me his hand. Yes, it was awkward, but I took it anyway. I needed it. 

"What were we supposed to do anyway?" I asked in my way. 

"You had to connect the cables. It would've helped you, but all you did was trying to walk, and - basically stumbling." 

"Wait, how did you know that?" 

"There are some cameras in the room. They're on the night vision. You don't expect us to put you in a closed room without keeping an eye on you, now do you? You're our responsibility." 

I thought about that for a while. 

"Did - did Kyle pass?"

"Well, looks like Kyle's still in there." 



~Author's Note~

Hello everyone ^^

I know that you all hate me because I haven't been updating in a while and I'M SORRY.. well, lots of things have been happening lately, and I couldn't really find time for writing. I mean I had my final exams and when I started my winter vacation both my father's and my birthday kept me busy xD .. Let's hope I'll get nothing to do and write o.o 

I also want ask you to check my friend's book The Lost World. I, myself like it and I think you should probably check it out too. You'll like it, he's talented. It's not about Harry Potter though. Here's its link:


Also, I want to ask you guys,, what scares you? like, what are your biggest fears? 

Love you all, and please don't lose interest in my books =) <3  
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