A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


80. The First Task





"Alex Cross!" Someone called. "You're turn." I nodded. 

Kyle hugged me and wished me good luck, and I went out of the tent to the Quidditch Pitch. There was no beast in there. There were many people though - the whole school was there. They all sat in their seats and I couldn't tell who anyone was. They were all enjoying their time, I could tell. Everyone cheering and screaming and some held banners of the champions' names or pictures. It was almost like one of those Quidditch matches, only a bit more deadly. 

As I stood there, something huge entered the pitch from the other door. It was so huge, larger than fifteen feet, I think.  With eight hairy legs and eight grey-white eyes. A super huge spider. I hated spiders! The spider started moving towards me, and the cheers started going off. People wanted to concentrate. Maybe they were dying to see me getting killed. 

I held the tube in my hand and my wand in the other. Somehow, I'm not sure how, I had to defeat this spider and take the venom out of it. 

I have to be as brave as a Gryffindor and as smart as a Ravenclaw. Okay, let's think. 

To take the venom out of this beast I should first know where the venom might be. It's a spider, so it must be in its fangs. The next question is, how will I be able to get it out? I remember reading about this, it was an article in a magazine, but I can't remember what it said!

The spider now stood right in front of me. And it actually started talking, 

"My name is Aragog and I'm the leader of a large Acromantula colony that lives in the forbidden forest. You know what my favorite meal in the world is?" I didn't really feel like answering so I stood there, raising my wand. "Humans." Aragog jumped so abruptly, but my reaction was fast as well, 

"Arania Exumai!" I yelled, and the Acromantula was thrown backward, a bit far from me. I had to think fast now what should I do? I started remembering all the spells I memorized. This was the only spell I could remember about spiders, maybe I should use something else on it, something that isn't necessary for spiders. I ran towards the spider, which was now on its back, trying to get back on its feet. I must make it attack me, so that it'll use its venom on me, and meanwhile I will put the tube in its fang instead of letting my body take it all. 

By the time I reached it, Aragog was back on i eight legs. He was quite angry and he started looking for me, he seemed blind in a way, he couldn't actually see me. Are all spiders blind? 

"When I find you, I'll kill you." He said. 

I was breathing hard, I had some spells in my mind and I was not afraid to use them. 

"Arcus." I said pointing my wand to one of the spider's legs. Two arrows shot from my wand, one completely missing the target and the other hitting its leg, but not quite effectively. 

"You think that hurt me, silly girl?" And he moved so fast. Then something strange happened. I heard a Dang and looked at the timer which now said five minutes. Two other spiders came out of the pitch's doors, I heard the crowd's voice turning up, cheering. This was quite exciting for them while it's terrifying for me. These two spiders were smaller than Aragog, though, which made things a bit easier for me. Now Aragog was the closest, but they were all coming in my way. 

Terrified, I stood there casting spells.

"Arania Exumai! Arania Exumai!" I caused the two smaller-than-Aragog spiders to get out of my way, their eyes were black, unlike Aragog's and they seemed to know were I was just by looking at me, so I realized they must not be blind. They were far and now was my time. I turned to Aragog and it was about to attack me with its hairy legs when I called, 

"Capripes!" That was the first spell that came to my mind, and it was quite useful at the moment. Its legs transfigured into a goat's and at first it was shocked by the change and then it kind of learned how to use the new legs and was actually faster, I ran away from it and then looked at the other spiders. They were still far now, the pitch is huge! I turned at Aragog again and-

And it jumped on me. I yelled so high. The spider's body was huge and its fangs were near my head. Shit,shit,shit,shit. My wand hand was under its huge body and I couldn't really move it that much. My other hand though held the tube and wasn't under its body. I tried to defeat myself with my hand but discovered it's useless. The crowds were panicking, I think, just like I was. But then as it tried digging its fang with my arm, I placed the tube right in it, very fast and it was filled with deadly poison. Its fang kind of got stuck in the tube, and when Aragog realized it, he took his fang out of it strongly, and meanwhile I started concentrating on my wand hand, and I managed to let my wand face his heavy body and shout, "Arania Exumai." One more time. 

Aragog was thrown away and far from me, and as it did, I stood up, holding the venom-filled tube in my hand and raising my hand up high for everyone to see. With another DANG  my timer stopped and the three spiders were taken out of the pitch. 

It wasn't until now that I realized how much I've been sweating. My clothes were all filled with sweat, my hair, my face, but sweat wasn't the only thing covering me, I realized with horror. I was covered with blood - not completely, but there were some wounds on my body and some on my face, because when I wiped my face with my hands they turned red with blood. I was breathing hard and I was soon taken out of the pitch too. 







After my name was called, I walked into the Quidditch field, not really knowing what to expect. A beast with venom. My first expectation was a snake, but then it turned out to be a huge spider. Like, really huge. It scared the shit out of me. Spider hater or not, this creature would change all of this, everyone must fear it. 

Two fangs, hairy legs, about a hundred eyes (I couldn't really count all of those eyes, but they were many!) The other champions had their wands and magic, all I have is this silly wand that I know nothing of. Is it even a wand? What is this? There was a button on the black part of it, the only place were I should put my hand. I pressed it, and the blue part kind of glowed, causing a buzzing sound, like the sound of - electricity. 

The spider was really close to me, but I couldn't just use this wand all the time, if it touched me, who knows what might happen. The spider was fast and it tried to attack me, trying to grab me by its front, hairy legs. I shouted a curse and hit it with the wand without turning it on. It caused it to stop grabbing me, but it didn't really make it back off. The time was running fast, and I didn't know what to do, if I hit this creature with this wand would it kill it? And if I killed it, would I be able to take the venom out of it? The second time it attacked me, I had no other option. I pressed the button and turned the wand on. 

The spider started shaking in a way, and I realized that it must actually be electricity. Then I remembered something Alex once told me about spiders and electricity. 

"I read an article in a magazine that said many things about poisonous spiders. The most interesting part was that the way they take the venom out of them is by electricity. They kind of drug it with carbon dioxide to be able to pass electricity through its body which drives the venom out of the spider's fangs. It was written in a better way there, but I'm trying to simplify it for your silly mind." 

She said. I wasn't really interested in what she said then, but in this moment, I was so thankful to have Alex as my best friend. I was so thankful to have a friend who reads and tell me about the interesting things she reads. "Thank you Ally." I whispered. And as the spider was busy getting electrified, I put the glass tube in its fang and indeed it was filled with venom. The other fang was starting to spill venom too, so I kept away from it. Then I heard a loud sound and the spider was taken out of the pitch and later, and so was I. 







I wasn't that nervous about the task. I knew exactly what I was going to face. Being the last one to compete was not that bad for me. I know what I should do to that beastly spider when I see it. As I got into the pitch and finally faced it, I did what I should. 

"Duro." I said pointing my wand to the Acromantula it was turned into a stone, and I moved towards it easily. The crowds were cheering me, admiring my intelligence. They should too. 

"Electro!" And the stoned spider body started shaking from the electricity. I put the tube on its fang and it was simply filled with venom. I stood in the middle of the pitch allowing myself to enjoy the crowd's cheering. Now everyone will know who the other champions are competing with. 

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