A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


77. Drawing






"Let's make this Saturday the boyfriends' day." I suggested. The girls and I were sitting in our dorm. Alex told us about all the magical night (well technically it wasn't really a night) that she had with Sirius. 

We were really surprised and what she said left us all in awe. It made me think of Kyle, though. We haven't been really doing such things in a long time. I mean, I know we both get super busy, but we must have time for each other. What if he stopped loving me..? I shouldn't think like that, right? 

Lara was dating a guy called Sam now. So far, their relationship's really good. I hope it stays good or even gets better. She's my sister and I want her to be happy. I want all the happiness in the world for her. I would rather being miserable and having her being happy than the other way around. I love her that much. 

People keep asking us questions because we're twins, and the answers never really change. The scenario usually goes like this, 

"You're twins?" They ask dumbly. Lara's always wanted to answer them in a sarcastic way, "No we just look alike. Of course we're twins!" and I think she's done it once or twice. But not every time. Mostly, I answer the first question, even that I'm shier than her.

"Yeah." And I smile.

"Oh! You look so much alike." Right. Because that's the tricky thing about being twins. 

"Yeah." Lara says instead. 

"Do you like having a twin? With looking alike and everything." 

"Yeah, it's amazing." 

"How do people tell you apart?" 

"Well, each one has their own way, but most people use the beauty mark as a sign." 

"Are your personalities as similar as your appearances?" 

"Well, not exactly. We're a bit alike but not in everything." 

"If you could, would you stop having a twin sister?" Why would anyone stop wanting having a sister?

"No, we're happy this way."


People even mistake me for Lara or mistake Lara for me, but it's all normal, and I don't really blame anyone for it. Only our closes friends can tell us apart. One of Lara's boyfriends once kissed me, I was so shocked by it that I slapped him immediately. Lara never believed he didn't really mean cheating on her and dumped him. Oh well, it can be a bit troublesome, but I love having a twin sister, no matter what. 


"Alright, that would be cool." Alex said bringing me back to earth. 

I don't really have a busy timetable. I have only three classes today. Yay! I'm spending my day with Kyle. 







Spending the day with Clara felt as good as it always does. Well, almost. 

We talked and walked around the castle, then we went to sit on the grassy ground and Clara said,

"Kyle, Alex once said you can draw amazingly. She said I should ask you to draw me someday." 

I smiled. 

"She did?" Clara nodded. "Well, I'm not that good."

"Oh, humble Kyle, you must be good." I laughed at that. 

"Well, maybe. When and how do you want me to draw you then?"

"Now, and what do you mean by how?"

"I mean.." I paused. "Have you ever watched a movie - sorry, a film called Titanic?" 


"Of course you haven't. Anyway, in this movie the guy draws a nude girl, laying on a sofa, so that's what I meant by the-"

"You nasty!" But she laughed anyway. 

"Really? Of all the bad words you could've used you said nasty?"

"Well, yes." I love her politeness. I kissed her deeply and went to get a piece of parchment, a pencil and some wooden colors. I've got some with me to Hogwarts, luckily. 

"No one can see us here, right?" I asked. 

"No, why? Kyle I will not get naked here!" I laughed.

"I wouldn't allow you to do that, that's not what I meant." I laughed. "Now just push your sleeves down a bit so that they show some of your shoulder and your collar bones." I was really happy I got to use colors in this painting. The blush in Clara's cheeks was really gorgeous. "Now, rest your hands on the ground and stretch your legs in front of you." Clara wasn't wearing the school's robes or jacket. The weather didn't need it. She was in her inner, white shirt and short skirt. I took a lock of her hair and put it over her shoulder. With the sunlight its color looked more like the chestnut-brown, but at night it looks like mahogany-brown. I decided to go with chestnut-brown since it must be the real color. Her eyes glimmered and her mouth curved in a smile. I always look in the details in Clara's face, I can't help it, really. Alex's always said that it's because I have an artist's eye and that I keep seeing the details in everything I see. But this time as I looked, I really noticed how perfect she is. Clara's got to be one of those girls who every girl wanted to look like. 

Of course I can tell her and Lara apart. Of course. For me, Lara looks nothing like Clara. Lara's really pretty too, but Clara - her looks takes a man's breath a way. Not only her looks. Her shyness, her laugh, her sensitivity, her love for her friends and sister, her caring, her personality. It's everything about her that got me madly in love with her. While drawing her, I forgot about everything in the world, I was lost in the shades of brown in her hair and  golden-brown eyes. I've never seen eyes like hers. I forgot that I was in a magical school, I forgot my name and I forgot all about Jazmine. 

Until she asked me a question that reminded me of her. 

After the painting was finished she just kept staring at it in awe. "She's even prettier than me!" 

"She's a copy of you, so you're basically prettier than her. Besides, that's how I see you. How everyone sees you. How you are. Now I'm not complimenting my drawing because I drew it, but because it has you in it." 

"God, Kyle you're the most perfect thing that's ever happened to me." And we kissed for a while. Then the sun started setting and we decided to watch it from here. Clara rested her head on my chest and when she spoke she asked, "Have you ever drawn someone other than me?" 

"Well," immediately, I thought of Jasmine. Guilt filled my chest and I wasn't sure what to say. Then I remembered Alex. "I've drawn Alex." 

"Yeah I know you did, I mean other than her." And when it took me a while to respond, she took her head away from my chest and looked at me. "What?" 

"Well, there's this girl, I don't remember telling you about her - but it was nothing of course, and she'll always be nothing but a friend to me." She raised her eyebrow. 

"I thought Alex was your only friend." 

"Well, sure you won't expect me to have only one friend! Alex is simply my best friend, the closest to me." And when I saw the look on her face I said, "The closest friend to me, Clara." She nodded and faked a smile. "You do know you're my world, Clara, don't you?" 

"And you're mine." 

She rested her head again on my chest and after a while of silence she said,

"What was her name?" I didn't want to answer that, but not answering it meant I was afraid she'd know about her. 


"Was she your girlfriend?" 

"Not really. It was complicated."

"What do you mean?" 

"I mean it was complicated. We kissed once or twice but my heart wasn't hers." Something about the way her voice sounded made me wonder if she thought I've never kissed anyone but her.

"So, you - you didn't love her, or you loved someone else?"

"My heart belonged to someone else. I wasn't in love with her the way I am in love with you. And I've already told you, it was complicated. Now can we please stop talking about her?" 

"Yeah, sure. Sorry if I bothered you." I kissed her head. 

I wondered if I should tell her about Jasmine. She'd be hurt. Terribly hurt. I think what I did would be considered cheating. Whether it meant anything or it didn't.







We told the boys about our suggestion. They weren't to spend that day together. Nope. Sirius will spend his day with me, Remus with Max, Kyle with Clara and so James will have to spend it with Lily. When she joined us on the table she said it was a good idea. 

"But it's not fair, Alex and I are the unluckiest couple here!" Everyone laughed at that. 

"And why's that?"

"Well, I don't know if you've noticed but it looks like Alex's got herself the busiest timetable anyone has ever got at Hogwarts!" We laughed again and I gave him a kiss. 

"You know what? It will be better for us because..." I continued in a whisper that everyone eventually heard. "I'm spending the evening with you." 

"Ooooooh." and James whispered. I actually blushed and we all laughed. 

"She uses some sort of love potion on me, I swear." Sirius said. 

"Oh come on, we all know I don't need that. I'm way past it." I hit him playfully and winked. 



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