A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


79. Anxiety







"Alex please calm down!" Lara was saying. 

The girls and I have been talking about the triwizard tournament for about an hour, and after all the talking and their stories of the people who "didn't make it after the second task" I've started feeling really anxious. 

What if I died because of this? 

I don't know if a person should fear death or not. Like, it's coming anyway, someday I'll die. You'll die. Everyone I love will die. We'll all die. What difference would it make if I lived longer. Okay, wrong question, I would've achieved more stuff in my life, but then again, what's the point? I honestly believe in after life, so dying wouldn't really get me into nothingness. Will I die horribly though? Will it be peaceful? Will I die in honor? Will I die tomorrow in the first task? 

I think I really should stop thinking about death. Well, basically because death isn't the only thing I fear. 

What if I failed in every single task? I know I won't win the cup, but it would be absolutely amazing to win it. I should try winning. 

My head was spinning by now. Never in my life have I wanted my brain to stop thinking like now. Maybe it's because I've never been in something this huge, this dangerous. When I put my name in the goblet of fire I didn't think it would be picked. Now that the task's tomorrow, everything feels more... real. This is actually happening. 

"I'm trying to, believe me." I answered. The girls were all looking at me, which eventually caused me to laugh and everyone sighed in relief. I was being myself again. Well, almost. 

"You know what? I mean, I'm both excited and nervous, but I should be more excited than nervous. It's gonna be exciting, right?!" Everyone agreed, probably hoping to make me feel good. 

I should shut my mind off and try to go to sleep, I will need my energy for tomorrow. I will need it for the unknown, for there is no one who knows what the first task is - at least that's what I think. Shit.







When Alex and I talked about the tournament today, we both started freaking out. I mean, it was all very amazing at first, but then she said, "What can possibly go wrong?" and it didn't turn out great. I mean, sure, I'm anxious. I have every reason to be actually. 

I'm a muggle. I'm the first muggle ever to be in a triwizard tournament. I think the tasks are supposed to be magic-related. I'm not that physically strong. I will not win this. 

Besides, the others don't want me to win. I mean, except maybe Alex, but then again, maybe she wants to win and therefor doesn't want me to. For me, I would really love it if Alex won. For me, it would be as good as winning the tournament myself. 

"You okay, buddy?" Sirius said as he came into the dorm and saw me looking out of the window. 

"What? Yeah I'm OK. Just thinking about tomorrow."

"Yeah, the tournament's a big thing. But everyone's excited about it. You should be too."

"Yeah well, I am, but I'm also a bit nervous, to be honest." 

"Aha. Listen, I'm gonna tell you something." I nodded. "You may think that you're weaker than the others, just because you're a muggle or whatever, but don't underestimate yourself. Seriously. I mean, Alex would do the same thing, she'd think like "These people are actually more qualified than I am. They've lived as wizards longer than I did. I won't win this." But that's all wrong. You can't think like that, neither of you." He paused. "If the cup chose you, then you must be qualified for this tournament, and if you're qualified for it, then you can win it. And you can. You and Alex both can." He patted my back and I smiled. 

"Thanks man." 







I woke up the other day with only one sentence in my head. The first task's today. The task takes time at 12 pm. It's 7 am now, I realize as I look at the clock beside me. Max was asleep, but Clara and Lara were awake but still in bed. 

"Oh you're up. Are you feeling better today?"

"A bit." I said honestly. "I mean, it's not like I'll die." They laughed. 

"No, you won't die. Dumbledore wouldn't allow that to happen." 

At breakfast time, things weren't very perfect. The Slytherin students really hated me. They said I wasn't supposed to be in the tournament and that Katy deserved to win. I told them that if she won I'd be happy, I don't really care that much about the whole glory thing. I'm just trying to have a good year. They tried to make me feel bad, but then Max came and told me not to allow them to do so. At 11 am we, the champions, were taken to a place that we changed in, rested for a while and got ourselves ready for the task. 

There, I heard everyone as they were emerging into the Quidditch pitch. Where the games will be held.

The champions tent was huge, and it was divided into five smaller tents. One for each one of us and one for all of us. My tent, like the other champions' had a bed, some water and food. What I loved about this tournament is that I wasn't truly alone in it. Kyle was with me, like he always is. 

"How're you feeling?" I asked. 


"You're not nervous?" 

"Of course I am, everyone is. They're just better at hiding it. And besides, I'm excited as well, and you should be too."

"I am. But I'm more nervous than I am excited."

"Well then, it should be the other way around." He smiled. "It will be nice." I nodded. 


Of the four champions Kyle and I were, of course, the closest. And probably the weakest. 

Katy was in her tent all the time, Ragnar too, but not all the time. He sat with us for a while. 

Then came professor Dumbledore and the minister of magic. 

"Good morning champions. We're here to tell you about the task and to tell you about the first task and also to decide who'll be the first to compete." Professor Dumbledore started. 

"Now in this task you will face a beast with a poisonous bite. What you have to do is take the venom out of it, not completely, of course, for it would take lots of time. There will be timing for each one of you, and the fastest champion in completing the task will be in the first place for now. We have in this bag four small tubes that you will put the venom in. Now each one of you will take out one of the tubes, and the number on it will show us who'll go first, second, third and fourth. We'll start with you, miss Martin." 

Katy apparently took out the first tube she found, for she was fast. She looked at the tube and then said, 


"Katy Martin, the last champion to compete." Professor Dumbledore announced to us.

"Mr. Dahl." 

Ragnar put in hand in the bag and slowly, took out a tube with the number 1 on it. He didn't look pleased by that. 

"Ragnar Dahl, the first champion to compete."  The minister turned to me now, and I put my hand in the bag. I pulled the first tube I found and I read the number aloud. 

"Two." I wasn't that sad about it, actually being the second or the third was way better than being the first or last. 

Being the first one sucks and also being the last one sucks more because you have to wait for your turn and you have to be nervous about it. I hate being last, and I'm thankful for not being last. 

"Alex Cross, second champion to compete." 

"Which means Kyle Alford will be the third." But Kyle took the tube out of the bag anyway. "Now the three of you will be allowed your wands, nothing else. However, you-" He turned to Kyle. "Will be allowed this." He held something in his hand that looked like a curling wand. It was blue and black. 

"What is this?" Kyle asked. 

"We can't really tell you now. You'll have to discover about it yourself. Not now, but when you compete. And I must warn you not to hold it from the blue part." Kyle took the fake wand and held it from the black area. I wondered if it's like our wands or something. 

After that, minister and professor Dumbledore wished us luck and went out, it was time for the first champion to go out and face the beast that none of us knew what it is. 

Waiting for my turn, I held the spells book in my hands and started making sure I memorized spells that could be useful for me in the task.





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