A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


7. Ally's Home

Alex's P.O.V


"We're home." I said as we walked through the entrance door. Sirius's been here before, but I never showed him the whole house. And when he did, he didn't stay for long. Our hands that haven't been separated for a long while now separated, and I turned the living room's light on. "I'll give you a tour."

"Ally, I'm only staying here for about two days." Sirius said laughing. 

"So you want to lose your way while going to the bathroom. No, sir I don't want to get wet ground, thank you very much." I said joking. "Come on." Sirius followed me; I took him to every room in my house, and then I took him to my room. "So, that's my room. You'll be sleeping here." 

"What about you?"  

"I'll be sleeping in the guests' room." 

"Ally, no I'll sleep there."

"Shh, that's not an option. You're the guest here." I said smiling. Sirius leaned closer and kissed me gently. 

"Can we both sleep here?" Sirius asked hopefully. I giggled. 

"Yeah with mum in the house?" I said shaking my head. "I think she'll even get suspicious if we stayed here for longer than ten minutes." I whispered. I went to my closet and took my favorite PJ. I'm wearing this tonight. It was kinda late now, so Sirius and I decided to go to sleep, Sirius was really tired from the long trip. "I can change the bed sheets if you want. Oh, and if you got hot, there's a ceiling fan here, you can just turn it on by-"

"Ally, baby, take it easy. I don't want you to change the bed sheets, and I don't really need a fan. Everything's perfect, don't get too worried." 

"It's just that I want you to be happy, and feel comfortable." 

"I'm happy when I'm with you. And now I'm the happiest man on earth, so stop the worrying I'm perfectly fine." I felt myself blush. How could he always come with clever, beautiful words like that! He always says great stuff and all I do is babbling, it's not fair. 

"I love you Sirius." I whispered. 

"I love you too." He said as he kissed me passionately.

Someone cleared their throat, I jumped surprised. Mum stood on the doorway. My face turned scarlet from embarrassment. I opened my mouth but no words came out. Instead, I looked at Sirius, 

"Good night." I whispered. "And I'll take this." I said taking my teddy bear. 

"Sleep well." I nodded and went out, closing the door behind me. 

"Mum, what's wrong with you?" I whisper-screamed. 

"It's just inappropriate, Ally. He's in your bedroom!" Mum said, also whisper-screaming. 

"Oh, god mum. We were just kissing. Have you never kissed anyone before?" I was really upset. I took my teddy bear with me and went to the guests' room. The sofas there were more comfortable than in the living room. I lay there and think about the Ministry's letter. About Sirius. About Kyle and my Mom. About what's gonna happen in the future. Sirius is sleeping in my bedroom. I thought, and I almost screamed. After a while I fell asleep. 

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