Goodbye my dear

Goodbye my dear.
My hands are covered in red.
Soon you will follow.


1. Goodbye, my dear

Goodbye, my dear.

My hands were covered in red and now they are counting my steps.

See me, my love. See me through the red.

Look into my eyes.

Who do you see?


Goodbye, my dear.

You can see through the red shimmer.

Tell them who i am.

Show them the person behind the shimmer of red.


Goodbye, my dear.

They look but don't see.

A necklace of rope is by my neck.

 Air is under my feet.

My breath is in the sky, seaching for you. It gets to you. Tells you.


Goodbye, my dear.

Your tears are like blood from your soul.

The love from your heart, will guide you to me.

The flames from your sorrow, will light up your path.

One day you'll be by my side.


Hello, my dear.

Judged by the shadows.

You're the only one who could see me.

Judged by the voices.

We share everything, they say.

We share our hearts.

We share our souls.

We share our Destiny.











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