To Play Cat and Mouse

Dedicated to my cat.
Alex is about to find out about her past. But her past is already full of hurt and hate, what more can there be to it? then she finds out a secret, one she will have to control, if it doesn't control her first...


2. Visitors and Plans

I stare at Jake.

"What do you mean" I ask him quietly. Jake hangs his head, and rubs his arms. the night had set in and the garden lights turned on, illuminating everything, and reflecting off Jake's blonde hair.Jake looks at me and opens his mouth to say something and the doorbell goes. 

Saved by the bell, I thought as I went to answer it. As I opened the door, I get greeted by my two older brothers, Ryan and Phil, who are identical twins. 

"ALEX!" they scream in my ears and hug me tightly. 

"Hi guys! Ow! The ribs! The ribs!" I cry out. Jake comes into the hall way and pulls me out of my brothers' grasp and hugs my gently and kisses my forehead. Ryan smiles and nudges Phil, who has his phone out and is texting someone. I guess he is texting his girlfriend/mate Chelsea. 

"Phil! Do you want something to drink?" Ryan asks, waving his hand in front of Phil's face. Phil blinks and rubs his ear ring, a black spike on his right ear, Ryan had one on his left ear. 

"Yeah, I'll have a beer, do you have one Alex?" he asks. I smile at him and reply:

"Well, Jake has the beers considering I'm still 16!" They all chuckle at my response and Jake wraps his arms around me.

"So a Pepsi then?" he asks, I smile, that man can read my mind, even though  his sister has the mind reading ability. 

"Yeah, thanks! So are you going to explain then?" Jake stops and looks at me. Ryan and Phil look at Jake as well. 

"Explain what?" Ryan asks. Jake takes a deep breath, and tells Ryan and Phil: 

"The Perfect gene is something my father created, it makes you perfect, so good muscles, perfect skin, tall and slim and so on. Alex and I have it," he explains. Ryan and Phil look at each other, worry written all over their faces. Jake looks at them, and then turns to me. 

"Hey Alex, do you have any homework?" Jake asks. 

"Yeah, but it's not due in for tomorrow," I tell him.

"Go and do it," the tone of his clear, it's the "We are going to talk about you, but you aren't to know about it, so don't argue with me," tone. I lean against the door and look at him.

"No, I am staying down here! You're not my father and you can't tell me what to do, so don't!" I tell him. He sighs with frustration and opens his mouth to rebuke me, but Ryan gets to it before him. 

"Go upstairs and do your homework! Phil and I are your legal guardians so we can tell you what to do,"he argues with me. I growl at him and he growls back at me. I have completely lost this fight. Damn him! I stalk out the kitchen and stamp up the stairs. 

"F**k you! I yell down the stairs. I feel the vibrations of a roar downstairs. Bugger! Ryan doesn't like people cussing! I run into my room, at Jake's house, and lock the door. Ryan is hard to reason with when he a lion. I flop down on the bed and get my biology homework out. 

How many chromosomes do you get from each parent? Ugh, more genes! I throw it across the room, annoyed with the world in general, when there is some knocking on the window. Lucy and Chelsea, Jake's sisters appear and Chelsea waves at me. I open the window and we hug each other.

"I need to see Phil!" Chelsea squeals and unlocks my door to run to Phil. I lock it again and Lucy sat on the bed. The white furniture stands out against the turquoise and deep purple walls. I can see Lucy staring at the photo of all of us in the summer, when we had a party and we all had a great time. 

"Alex, I have this massive secret that you can't tell anyone ok?" I look at Lucy in the eyes and nod. 

"Ok," she takes a deep breath and tells me: "I'm a lesbian,"

I hug her and then smile at her. "It doesn't matter if your'e straight or not, I will always be your friend," she smiles and then stares behind me. I twist me head and see Ryan not looking very happy. 

"Hey!" Lucy greets him and hugs him and then goes down stairs. Great. 

"You swore at me," Ryan said quietly and sat down next to me on the bed. I shrugged my shoulders, I was in a rebel mood. "You know I don't like it Alex, so please don't do it. Please?" He asks me. I stare at the wall and then realise that Ryan was going to get mad if he saw my homework on the floor.  

"Why is your homework on the floor on the other side of the room?" he asks. Too  late. "Um" I struggle to think of an excuse so I decide to tell the truth. 

"It was about genes and it made me think about the perfect gene and then that made me think about your conversation. I got annoyed so I threw it across the room," I explain to him. He rolled his eyes and then shuffled closer. 

"Look, we have had some news about Mum..." I stiffen up and my eyes change into a tiger's and then back human. Ryan carried on. "She wants you and Jake, and she wants the perfect gene. She has Jake's father and he says that there is a way to become invincible," 

"How?" I urgently say. Ryan takes a deep breath.

"To be born of people with the perfect gene,"

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