To Play Cat and Mouse

Dedicated to my cat.
Alex is about to find out about her past. But her past is already full of hurt and hate, what more can there be to it? then she finds out a secret, one she will have to control, if it doesn't control her first...


3. Notes from the Author

Hi people!!

Just a few notes if you are confused, but all will be unveiled throughout the story!

Alexandria Blase (Alex)- A tiger blood. She also the ability to protect people and herself. Her mate is Jake and she is 16. Her brothers are Phil and Ryan.

Jake Adams-  A tiger blood. He also has the ability to heal anything and anyone. His mate is Alex and he is 20. His sisters are Lucy and Chelsea. 

Ryan Blase- A lion blood. He has the ability to stop time and he is 20.

Philip Blase (Phil)- A lion blood. He has the ability to of telekinesis. His mate is Chelsea and he is 20.

Lucy Adams- A leopard blood. She has the ability to read minds and she is 16.

Chelsea Adams- A leopard blood. She has the ability to turn invisible. Her mate is Phil and she is 14. 

All of them hate fire and fur items. 

Mates are for life and it doesn't matter about age because there is a certain bond that binds them together.

Hope every thing is a bit clearer now!

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