My Love Lies Bleeding

Adriana has finally learned to put what is in the past behind her and she is ready to move on . Even if it meant starting all over again , she was ready. But what will she do when the unexpected happens, and her whole life turns upside down. will she fight through the storm or give up at the first drop of rain? only time will tell


1. foreshadowing !!


I shuddered as his eyes bore into mine. My mind was a pile of tangled thoughts, this boy whom I had come to loathe has taken my breath away. His eyes a unique grey that burn with passion. His lips a soft pink tinted with red as a result of lip biting, a habit which had the girls going mad. I never understood why everyone was so obsessed with him, he was the guy every girl wanted in her bed and every boy wanted to be friends with ... I never understood until now. I knew how much of a cliche moment it was; the whole " boy-meets-girl" story is cliche enough. But honestly I wish it lasted forever.

// hey! So this is the beginning of my first story!! I know it not very good but helpful tips are always welcome. And im not a native english speaker so my grammar and vocab is pretty bad. This is me trying something new, I'm looking for change or something different so I thought I'd try this out. Can anyone please recommend good books for me to read on here? I'm new and I'm completely lost. Thankyou xx ~ H 

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