My Love Lies Bleeding

Adriana has finally learned to put what is in the past behind her and she is ready to move on . Even if it meant starting all over again , she was ready. But what will she do when the unexpected happens, and her whole life turns upside down. will she fight through the storm or give up at the first drop of rain? only time will tell


2. chapter 1

I was only 13 when I was first diagnosed with depression. But honestly I never took it seriously; not even now 5 years later. You see at that time I was happy. At least I think I was, I mean I had a reasonable amount of friends, I got invited to parties, I wasn't necessarily bullied although some Hurtful words were thrown at me a couple of times, and I was a straight-A student. It was only One suicide attempt that classified me as an "out-cast" , that was when the bullying started to worsen and I lost all my friends. I believe everyone hates themselves every once in a while, and everyone wants to kill themselves at a point but the difference is I had the guts to do it. The strangest part? It was the self-harm that worried my doctors and not what caused it or should I say whom. That period of time was very confusing for me, I was lost and scared, a razor was my best friend, or should i say my only friend. I lost everyone that mattered to me. And everyday I felt the emptiness consuming my very soul. The only thing I knew at that time, was that I had to leave. That very day October 18th I packed my bags , bought a ticket and jumped on the first train. Now I can't help but wonder that maybe it wasn't the train that got me to New Orleans maybe it was destiny.

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