luck of the irish

Serenity Tomlinson is the twin sister of Louis Tomlinson from one dirction. Her current boyfriend is Nathen Sykes from the wanted but he abussises her. but what happens when a little irish lad develops feeling for her? Read to find out.


1. the fight

Serenity's POV


Ugh... Nathen keeps beating me beacuase I won't give him some. In the first couple months of our relationship he was fun care-free and actually nice. Now he's a total dick head.

"Where are you, bitch?"

Oh, fuck Nathen's home!

"I said where are you ?!"

"I'm in here!"

"Don't yell at me!"

Then he just slapped me in the face. I dont cry cause I know if I do i'll get slapped even harder.

"The boys are coming over tonight so go clean your ass up, now!"

And with that I walked upstairs with my phone and called my brother. you know Louis Tomlinson from 1D? Well, he's my twin. Weird right?

Here's how the convo went.

L: Hey sis whats up?

S: Come pick me up @ 630 PLEASE!!

L: Why whats wrong?!?!!??

S: It's Natehen again please!

L; ok ill be there son

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