luck of the irish

Serenity Tomlinson is the twin sister of Louis Tomlinson from one dirction. Her current boyfriend is Nathen Sykes from the wanted but he abussises her. but what happens when a little irish lad develops feeling for her? Read to find out.


3. the club 16+

That night we decided to go to a club. We got there and all had 10 rounds of shots and I dragged all the boys out to dance. A fast song came on and I was grinding on each of them. I looked and saw little tents formed in there pants. We called a taxi and payed for a night a hilltop home one of the most exspensive hotels in London. "You want me dont you?" I said sedusively. They all nodded their head eagerly. I could see lust in all their eyes. So I motioned them over and Niall started cleaning me out whil zayn and harry were sucking my nipples and Louis was kissing m neck. I look over and motion Liam to come over here. I raise up on all fours and Niall positions imself underneath. Zayn positions himself on top and they yell "1,2,3 GO!!"and they both slam into me at the same time. OH MY FUCKING GOSH!! I yell out before I take Louis in my mouth and Liam and Harry with my hands. We all cum at about the same time. Then we all fall asleep cuddled up together.

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