luck of the irish

Serenity Tomlinson is the twin sister of Louis Tomlinson from one dirction. Her current boyfriend is Nathen Sykes from the wanted but he abussises her. but what happens when a little irish lad develops feeling for her? Read to find out.


2. back to London

Louis got here about 30 minutes later. He just busted down the door with all the boys, Niall and Zayn were the first ones uo here.Ive always had a crush on Niall but Im to ugly and fat for someone like him to like me. He is perfect.But Im gross FAT and  UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis came up here and got me and we left on the way there I fell asleep.


I was in my room and me and Niall were the only ones home. I was just playing my guitar and singing a song I wrote for Niall.He walked in and I put the guitar down. "What are you doing in here?" "Nothing but i have loved you ever sinced I layed eyes on you." Then next thing I know his sft lips are on mine and we're on my bed with our clothes off. I crawl on top of him and slowly grind against hid bulge. I slowly stick it in while he's moaning his head off and one of his hand is on my ass and the other rubbing my nipple.




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