Requiem Of An Forbidden Shadow

Chasity Coleridge or known as the nemesis of slaves in chains is a vampire, and not a normal one either. Chasity is a pureblood, and one of the only left. Chasity was exiled from her hometown Bloodville a thousand years ago. But now. She's back. Bloodville, is a town ruled by vampires. Where humans are vampire slaves. What she doesn't know is that vampires prey on humans, something more powerful and dangerous preys on vampires. What happens when Chasity goes back to Bloodville, to find out everything changed. Will Chasity survive? Read and find out!


1. Prologue

A flame which never dies, but brightens with the passing of time.


Flames engulfed the crumbling house, spreading their boiling rage through everything that stands in their way. The wild creature of fire refused to be tamed, growing more and more wild by each second. The dizzying radiant heat from the blazes pulled me in deeper into the burning abyss as I struggled to fight it. The strong waves of smoke clouded my vision, as I fight to stay awake. The horrific waves of fire slither around me, awaiting for their every moment.  I crawl away from the violently whipping fire, ashes burning in my eye. My eyes search among what used to be my beautiful home, that had been in my generation forever. I crawl, my nails scratching among what used to be my floorboard. How could they just do this? setting my house on fire. Did they hate us that much? Did they think that I was a threat? I have never even harmed a strand of any humans hair, and they dare to kill me. I cough, as I engulf the smoke that surrounds me. I'm trapped. My eyes close. Suddenly, I hear a child scream. My eyes open wide, my eyes search for my three year old daughter Lilith screams in agony. I stagger towards her. Suddenly, waves of fire charge towards me. Sending me crashing onto something, hard. I lie on the cold hard floor, crimson blood trickling from my head. My eyes look at my daughter Lilith. Her green eyes look at me, with no hope. Any hope she had that I would save her, was gone. Her black hair bobbing up and down, and she tried screaming for help. My arms darted up, trying to reach her. But, she was too far.

"Lilith!" I shout in the fire, trying to reach her.

Suddenly my world turned black.

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