Requiem Of An Forbidden Shadow

Chasity Coleridge or known as the nemesis of slaves in chains is a vampire, and not a normal one either. Chasity is a pureblood, and one of the only left. Chasity was exiled from her hometown Bloodville a thousand years ago. But now. She's back. Bloodville, is a town ruled by vampires. Where humans are vampire slaves. What she doesn't know is that vampires prey on humans, something more powerful and dangerous preys on vampires. What happens when Chasity goes back to Bloodville, to find out everything changed. Will Chasity survive? Read and find out!


2. Chapter One-Welcome to Bloodville

I hold my long black coat around me tightly, tugging it lightly around my head. My long black hair hidden under my cloak. My green eyes peer under the cloak at the sign. "Welcome to Bloodville! ENTER IF YOU DARE. WARNING:YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE IT OUT ALIVE!". A thousand years. It's been a thousand years since I've last been here. Better not let anyone know just yet that it's me behind these cloaks. I walk inside the town, and gasp. It's changed. What used to be a peaceful harmony between humans and vampires is now not. The houses are all black and shut. There are no human children outside playing with the vampire children. What happened in these thousand years? I walk among the dusty pavements, and look at the sky. It's night. That's funny, it's only two pm. I shrug my shoulders, and keep walking.

Suddenly I feel someone staring at me. I close my eyes. Vampire. I open them and look around, then smile. Their behind those dustbin bins is a vampire. Maybe he'll tell me what happened here. I walk towards him. I watch his face fall as he realizes I've seen him. I smile when I reach the vampire. I smell him. He reeks of human blood. He must only be two or three hundred years old. His hair is a unusual colour of orange, and his eyes are wide and red. He stares at me.

"Who are you?" he asks me, cocking his head slightly to the left, inspecting me.

"I'm Chasity Coleridge." I reply.

"Impossible. Chasity dead." the guy laughs.

I take my cloak of my head, and shrug my wild black hair loose. The young vampires eyes widen, as he realizes that it's really me.

"You. How are you still alive. Maybe your a ghost." the young vampire gasps, taking a step back.

"Or maybe I just escaped the fire." I answer, baring my fangs at him.

"But Quincie told everyone that you were dead, along with your daughter." the young vampire tells me.

"Well my sister would say I was dead, my daughter on the other side really did die." I tell him.

"I'm sorry. Well I'm sure queen Quincie would be delighted to know your alive." the young vampire tells me.

"You. Young vampire. What's your name?" I ask curiously.

"Nick Froster." the young vampire tells me proudly.

"Well, you Nick Froster won't tell queen Quincie that her beloved sister is alive." I tell him.

"But." Nick attempts to say.

"If my sister is the queen. That makes me your princess, and you dare not tell on a pure blood. Right." I warn, stepping towards him.

"Yes your highness." Nick stutters.

"It's Chasity, and I was never here." I tell him, staring at him watching as he forgets the conversation he had with me, and begins to walk the other way.

Queen Quincie. What has my sister done to this place? Whatever she does, it's not good. I better head back to Jasper's place. I walk down the quiet road. It's so quiet, so deadly quiet. You could even hear a blood drop in this silence. I hold my suitcase tightly in my hand, and walk towards Jasper's house. I knock on the door. The door opens, wide open. Their stands Jasper. He first looks worried then smiles when he realizes it's me. Their something changed about him. Even though he's smiling, he looks sad.

Jasper is my best friend, and only six thousand years old. His blue eyes twinkle in delight as he looks me up and down. His short brown hair had now got a streak of blue. He takes my suitcase, and lets me come in. I walk inside his house, as my eyes look around the house. Theirs something missing. My eyes rest on a portrait of Jasper, his human wife Nikki and his two children Jack and Daisy. I look around for them. Jasper notices me looking at the portrait, then stops. His face falls, he looks at me with sadness.

"Jasper, where's your family?" I ask.

"Dead." Jasper says slowly.

"Dead. What do you mean dead?" I shout, walking towards him. Jasper drops my suitcase on the floor.

"The vampires killed them." Jasper tells me.

I hug Jasper tightly, watching as he sobs quietly.

"What do you mean the vampire killed them? the vampires and humans live in harmony together. Right." I awaited confirmation.

"Oh Chasity. There's so much that has happened in the thousand years that you've been gone for. But I'm glad your back now. Bloodville is not the same any more." Jasper tells me.

"What do you mean?" I ask, breaking the embrace and looking at his face.

"Vampires kill humans, and theirs something worse that kills us." Jasper tells me.

"No. No. When has this rule been happening for?" I ask curiously.

"Ever since your sister became queen." Jasper tells me.

"What? How? Why? You have to tell me everything." I declare.

"I will, after all we have plenty of time now that your back for good right." Jasper says, then looks at me.

"For good." I reply, holding Jasper hand tightly.

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