The Rebellions

The world got taken over by a group of people who called themselves 'The Leaders'. They killed everyone who was important. Then they threatened to kill anyone who didn't agree with their rules and called them 'The Rebellions'.


1. Prologue

Have you ever imagined a world that is different to the one you’re currently living in?

I have. I imagine a world where everyone lives in peace. Except it’s more impossible now considering the world is run by The Leaders.

The Leaders started off being a group of people. They planned to take over the world. To achieve this they killed every world leader and anyone important to countries. Then all the people left were innocent people. You were then given a choice. Join The Leaders or be killed.

The Leaders wear masks. So if you don’t wear a mask you are considered, unless you have a good reason to not be wearing one, a ‘Rebellion’.

That’s what I am. A ‘Rebellion’. 

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