The Rebellions

The world got taken over by a group of people who called themselves 'The Leaders'. They killed everyone who was important. Then they threatened to kill anyone who didn't agree with their rules and called them 'The Rebellions'.


2. Chapter 1

“Ellie, can you go into the cupboard and grab a bottle of water?” Mum asked me. I nodded and went into the cupboard under the stairs.

The cupboard concealed all of our supplies. If we leave our stuff open and someone breaks in then they will steal it. That’s if you don’t get killed in the process.

The Leaders kill. The Rebellions don’t. The Rebellions break in while you sleep and take food then. They leave you in peace.

Occasionally, a Leader will break into your home and kill everyone inside (if you’re not wearing a mask of course). Anyone under the age of five will be kidnapped and brainwashed into joining The Leaders.

My family are all Rebellions. Dad hated the rules The Leaders set up.

The rules are as follows:

1 – Kill everyone who rebels.

2 – All children will learn how to kill.

3 – Kill to survive.

4 – Punish all by death.

People only join The Leaders because they’re scared or they have sick minds like the original group of The Leaders.

The rules are sick. If you upset someone, they have the right to kill you. You steal something you will get killed. Any crime you will get killed for. Even if it’s a small crime.

Anyone under the age of eighteen can’t swear, if they’re caught they will get killed. I agree that children shouldn’t swear, but is killing them the best punishment? Even if you accidentally say the word ‘crap’ if you drop a plate or something you will be killed. You have no warnings.

I looked in the bags for a bottle of water. Dad works every day, then on Sundays after work he goes to the shop and spends all of his earnings on food. Shops are still open, of course. People still make food. Basically the world is the same; it’s just run by The Leaders.

I found a bottle of water buried under loafs of bread and a bag of apples. Just as I was about to leave the cupboard I heard a loud bang.

A gun had been fired. I knew I had no choice but to hide behind cardboard boxes.

Another gun was fired, and then another. I could only guess that my family had been killed.

I could hear Lucy’s cries. She was going to be taken away. She was four.

It was sick that a four year old had just witnessed her family die in front of her. This is why I hate The Leaders. They don’t care about anyone else.


Three Years Later . . .

I shoved whatever I could find into my backpack. I opened drawers in the kitchen and found a knife. I slipped that into the front pocket of my backpack. A knife was always handy. I did own a knife before; I think I dropped it while I was running away from two Leaders.

This is how I lived now. Teenagers, who were lucky enough to not get killed along with their family, are on the run. We run from The Leaders. From time to time I have met other Rebellions but we never stopped to talk. We would give each other a small wave and a polite smile and continue to wherever we are headed.  

I’m fifteen now. I think. I’m not too sure. I can just guess though. I’m not wearing the same clothes from three years ago. When my clothes get to small I break into a house and look around for clothes that fit. Even if the clothes I find are boys’ clothes. You can’t afford to be picky.

I saw my reflection in the kitchen tap. I couldn’t help but notice that I have changed a lot since I was twelve. My little sister would have no hope with recognising me. I wouldn’t be able to recognise her either. My hair was pulled back in a ponytail and my green eyes stood out from my pale skin.

My hair is a lot longer than it was three years ago; it has stopped growing now I think. It’s in a bad condition. We Rebellions don’t have time to wash our hair and get a haircut. Sometimes, if we’re lucky we might find a pair of scissors and trim our hair. Ninety per cent of the scissors I find are blunt which is useless. Blunt scissors are like a blunt knife. Completely pointless and can’t do anything.

After I was satisfied that I had enough food and supplies, I climbed out of the back window into the garden. I scrambled up the small fence at the back of the garden and found myself in a park.

The park was empty, of course. There were trees everywhere and I knew I was safe. I could easily climb into a tree, which had enough leaves to conceal me, and go to sleep or eat.

I ran towards the trees and found one that fit my needs. The tree was fat and had fat branches. It had so many leaves that it was impossible to see if anyone was hiding in it. Anyway, The Leaders never really checked trees for Rebellions because they could easily get killed by Rebellions hiding.

I climbed up the fat tree and sat on a branch. Trees weren’t exactly comfortable but there was no point in complaining. It was either be safe but uncomfortable or be unsafe and comfortable.

“Psst!” Someone hissed. 

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