i'm your new manager

britt johnson (21) is a successful business women who owns the BRITT JOHNSON ENTREPRISE.One day she decides to study management and asks the famous simon cowell to train her for a year.At the end of this year she founded BRITT JO MANAGEMENT COMPANY.And as a reward for a great year training simon helps britt to get a few celebrity clients like little mix,olly murs,emblem 3 and ONE DIRECTION.....
britt is known among his colleagues to be difficult to upset but that changes soon enough when a certain curly haired boy (18) enters her life


1. the call

i'm britt johnson the owner of the britt johnson entreprise and i just founded another company and studied management and got trained by simon cowell who i like to call uncle si.

i was in my office when i got a phone call i answered to hear brigid's voice, my assistant.

me:yes brigid?

brigid:miss johnson you have a phone call from simon cowell 

me:great i'll take it 

brigid:okay miss johnson

and then i felt happiness just by hearing uncle si on the phone 


me:uncle siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

simon: glad to see you too

me:(laughing) so what can i do for you uncle si

simon:i've got some news for you britt britt


simon:since you did a great job with your training

me:yay me

simon:i've decided to transfere little mix ,olly murs ,emblem 3 and one direction to your company

me:you're kidding?

simon:not at all

me:thank you so much uncle sii

simon: just do me a favor 

me: anything uncle 

simon:today you're meeting with one direction please no too revealing clothes 

i looked at my outfit 

me:nope nothing too revealing 

simon:it's too revealing is it?

me:no!! no!! yes!

simon:just don't go along with them okay?

me:oh c'mon they can't be that bad

simon: trust me they are!!

me:okay! what about their recording booth?

simon: what about it?

me:oh i didn't tell you,yeah umm for my clients ease i call a designer to designe their own recording booth so they can feel confortable whilethey're recording

simon:great! ask them they'll design it later okay?

me:cool!! that all ?

simon:yeah bye britt britt

me: bye uncle siii love you

simon:love you too

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