i'm your new manager

britt johnson (21) is a successful business women who owns the BRITT JOHNSON ENTREPRISE.One day she decides to study management and asks the famous simon cowell to train her for a year.At the end of this year she founded BRITT JO MANAGEMENT COMPANY.And as a reward for a great year training simon helps britt to get a few celebrity clients like little mix,olly murs,emblem 3 and ONE DIRECTION.....
britt is known among his colleagues to be difficult to upset but that changes soon enough when a certain curly haired boy (18) enters her life


4. talking!!

me:so since it's our first meeting we have a lot to talk about because britt jo is different than syco i hope you have nothing important to do because we'll be here for a while

liam:oh no we have nothing to do take your time

me:i was planing to....

louis:i like her already

me:i like you guys too.So first of all i want you to be my friends not my clients so it'll be easier for us to communicate is that okay?

harry:of course!

me:okay so my rule is we can have fun but when we need to work we'll til we sweat and if you don't forget this rule everything will go well.Would you guys like some beer?

louis:that would be cool

i took out six cans of beer i gave one to louis niall zayn brigid matt and i took one 

harry:and i don't get a beer?

me:we both know you had enough yesterday (laughing)

harry pouted and i laughed harder

me:here take mine i'll grt another one 

harry:thanks babe

me:so this is matt he's a designer and this is brigid my assistant so you guys started working on your third album right?


me:what we'll do is finish the album and plan your tour and then we'll start with your movie now we'll take note of the days you'll be available to record brigid?

brigid:so the recording will not be just here in london we have also branches  all over the us and europe

me: and i'll try my best to be with you most of the time since you guys are still young and you'll need help

brigid:so first you'll record here so from the 10th november till the 10th january you be so busy we nee to finish a big amount of songs your fans are waiting for the movie and we should start as soon as possible


me:i know..you have days off for christmas and christmas eve

louis:that's it?

me:what do you think we need to work tommo 


me:no buts

after a silence i burst out laughing 

me: you though i forgot right tommo.....don't worry you have a day off for your bithday am not that cruel am i?

louis:you scared me

me:i actually have a proposal for you,i sugget you have your bithday party at a club and i'll invite most of celebrities i know so it'll be a big party what do you think?

louis:i love you!!!! 

and then he huged me tight

me:i can't breath


harry:well am jealous

me:aww don't worry i'll take care of your bithdays all of you don't worry 

liam:thanks love

me:no problem so another thing is that i need you guys to work on your recording booth with matt so you'll feel confortable while working is that cool?

liam:i think we'll like here better than in syco

me:i think uncle si would like to here that! (laughing)

the lads:(laughing)

how is the fanfiction so far? please read :))))





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