i'm your new manager

britt johnson (21) is a successful business women who owns the BRITT JOHNSON ENTREPRISE.One day she decides to study management and asks the famous simon cowell to train her for a year.At the end of this year she founded BRITT JO MANAGEMENT COMPANY.And as a reward for a great year training simon helps britt to get a few celebrity clients like little mix,olly murs,emblem 3 and ONE DIRECTION.....
britt is known among his colleagues to be difficult to upset but that changes soon enough when a certain curly haired boy (18) enters her life


2. one direction !!

after a few hours of work i heard  a knock on my door

me:come in 

brigid appeared on my door

brigid:miss johnson?


brigid:i finished all the paper work you gave me to do can i go out to have lunch?

me:umm sure 

brigid:okay thank you so much.....

she walked straigh to the door until i stopped her

me:brigid ?

brigid:yes miss johnson ?

me:c-can i join you?

brigid:of course miss johnson 

me:call me britt 


i took my walet and phone. On my way to the elevator i've got a call from james Mckein one of my clients but he's too flirty for my liking

me:mr Mckein it's my pleasure to hear your voice

james:same miss johnson 

me:what can i do for you mr Mckein?

james:i actually want to suggest a deal between our companies

me:and don't you think mr Mckein that it would've been more appropriate to meet up then discuss this option 

brigid giggled and i could'nt hide my smile

james:i'm curently in  brazile for a meeting but my lawyer is ready to come to your office and sign the contract with you then bring to me in brazile where i'll sign it as well

me:i prefere meeting personelly before signing any contract so i'll wait for your call to plan a meeting as soon as you come to england okay?

james:what about you take the first plane to sao paulo and meet me here so we can have some fun and sign the contract 

me:i have another call mr Mckein call me when you're back to england and i'll be more than happy to sign the contract bye

and then i hang up .

me:when is my meeting with the one direction boys?

brigid:at 4 pm

me:after two hours,is randy ready ?

brigid:no randy's sick but we brought another body guard to meet him 

me:oh remind me to visit him and i want you to call my driver and tell him to buy randy some groceries since he's sick

brigid:that's sweet of you hopefully i'll get sick soon

we laughed and then the elevators door opened and then i saw throught the glass door a group of paparazzi 

i got out and met a tall guy with sun glasses and a black suit

the guy:good afternoon miss johnson 

me:good afternoon



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