i'm your new manager

britt johnson (21) is a successful business women who owns the BRITT JOHNSON ENTREPRISE.One day she decides to study management and asks the famous simon cowell to train her for a year.At the end of this year she founded BRITT JO MANAGEMENT COMPANY.And as a reward for a great year training simon helps britt to get a few celebrity clients like little mix,olly murs,emblem 3 and ONE DIRECTION.....
britt is known among his colleagues to be difficult to upset but that changes soon enough when a certain curly haired boy (18) enters her life


3. one direction!! part 2

after lunch we got back to the office at 3:55 pm

brigid:one direction will be here soon

me:okay send them to me as soon as they come and call the designer branch tell them to send me their best designer


me:and i want you with them here also

brigid:umm okay

after 20 min i heard a knock on my door a young man walked in with a big book or something

the guy:miss johnson i'm matt i'm the desigher you asked for

me:oh cool my clients will be here any minu-

a knock interrepted me

me:ow they're here come in 

first to walk in was liam niall louis zayn and harry

me:hey guys

i gave each one of them a hug and heard them mumbling hi's and hello's but harry's hello was lower than usual

me:wow right on time

liam:we're sorry

louis:blame it on harry 

harry:here we go again

niall:he's right buddy

me:and what did harry do to make you guys late for your first meeting  with your new manager

harry:you're our new manager?

me:don't like me already?

harry:no it's quite the opposite actually

me:thank you,how could you guys blame a sweet guy like harold

all the boys laughed but niall laughed louder so harry groaned

harry:ugh stop laughing too loud

me:guess i understand 

louis:and what's that?

me:harold had fun last night and overslept today am i right?

niall:wow how would you know?

me:bad experiences(laughing)

all the lads laughed

me:want some advil harry?

harry:that'd be great 

i gave him an advil and a cup of water

harry:thanks love

louis:why would you have advil in your office 

me:i have everything in this office

zayn:you can't have everything in this office

me:try me


i walked to my closet and brought some carrots and threw it to louis

me:before you ask i'm on a diet and my doctor said that i can have a good health if i eat a lot of veggies


i took the box of ferrero rocher from my third drawer


i gave him my box of oreos


louis:every girl have a mirror zayn don't be dum.....harry your turn


the lads:oooooooh

me:which flavour?

the lads:(laughing)

harry:what do you have?


liam:okay moving on...

me:i think we'll get allong very well boys


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