The Hobo

This is no ordinary hobo.


1. intro

In the back streets of Detroit there was an old hobo but this was no ordinary hobo, this was an under-cover F.B.I. agent.  His name was Tyrone and he had been with the F.B.I. for five years, working under-cover jobs.  He was really good at his job because he thought like the criminals did.  His job was to find a weapons dealer who had been traced back to the mafia, where he made a killing by selling weapons to the mafia.  He thought that a hobo was the best disguise because he could hang around the streets all day and watch for activity in the old warehouse that was thought to be the weapon dealer’s hide-out.  H.Q. (head quarters) thought that the dealer’s plot was to sell illegal weapons to The Assassins terrorist group.                        



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