The Hobo

This is no ordinary hobo.


4. chapter 3

Chapter 3

When I woke up I had a bag over my head I had no sense of time, it smelt like I was in a Chinese restaurant.  Every thing was quiet then I heard foot steps getting louder and louder then darkness. When I woke up I was tied to a chair and the bag on my head was gone, I took in my surroundings there was a door be hind me and a window in front of me, the window was at ground level so I slid closer to the window then I kicked it and the window broke then I picked up a sharp bit of glass.  I started to saw at the rope it took me a long time but I finally got out I realized that I had my gun in my boot still so I went into the hall and ran out I called a cab but they were shooting at me the cab pulled over and I jumped in but then they shot my driver so I took a motorcycle and got away.         

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