The Hobo

This is no ordinary hobo.


3. chapter 2

Chapter 2


After the dealer escaped, H.Q. was looking for his location. I went to a corner store to look for health violations and while I was looking around I notated that they hade a lot of cash on hand; just then a masked man burst in and pointed his gun at the clerk and said “everybody down!!”  I hid be hind the shelf and took out my gun I didn’t want to shoot in case he shot the clerk, so I shot the gun out of his hand, then I ran up and tased him.  Later I told one of the bystanders to phone the police, when they got there I handed over the criminal and then left.  Two days later I got a call from my boss he said “we have traced the dealer to the Assassins hide out”.   I decide to go in under-cover as an Assassin.  The next day I got to their hide out and hid near the door.  When the weapons dealer got there I followed him in but out of no where some one grabbed me and gassed me with knockout gas!!    

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