I don't love..

I don't love people Kayla. I own them..


2. You can't and won't escape from me



I slammed the front door and walked right away to the kitchen. I poored water into a glass and chucked it backwards. Of what Miley had told me about Harry he didn't seem like the nicest lad. If it was true that he was a womanizer i would probably just be one of his other toys. And if there's one thing i do NOT want to be it's just "Another Toy". But i guess i needed to do just this one date. I would make clear to him that this was our first and last date ever. I sighed for about the 50th time this day and dragged my feet up the stairs. Just as i was about to slip the outfit i was going to wear on my phone went. It was Miley. I clicked the ''Answer call'' button and made sure it was on speaker before trhowing it onto my bed. Yesss Miles i said pulling the lace top over my head. Did you came home safe ?? She chuckled. Barely i said. What's that suppose to mean ?? That Harry kid chased me out of the shop and forced me to go on a date with him tonight. i buttoned up my jeans and went to get my make-up bag. So what are you going to do now ?? She asked. Well i'm going to go on this one date and i'll make sure he knows this was our first and last date. Babe i know you want to believe that he will let you go that easy but believe me he won't. Once Harry has found a victim he will make sure you know your his. I chuckled. Believe me i will never be his. Okay well i gotta go now i need to go and get ready. Okay bye babe have fun. She laughed when i groaned. I ended the call and walked into the bathroom with my straightener and my make-up.


When i had finished everything it was about 10 to 7'. I rushed downstairs to go look for my shoes. When i found them and had slipped on the doorbell rang. I sighed and went to open the door. Harry was leaned against the door frame and i needed to admit he looked good. He was wearing black jeans with a white t-shirt and a black blazer. You look hot babe he stated. I rolled my eyes and looked up at his face. His hair was a bit different from what it was this afternoon but it looked pretty good. You ready to go ?? He held his hand out for me but i walked past him towards his car. He quickly came behind me throwing an arm around my waist. I tried to shrug it off but he didn't let go.


Stop trying love. You can't and won't escape from me..

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