I don't love..

I don't love people Kayla. I own them..


4. What am i doing to myself?


When i got out of bed the next morning i had 3 missed calls from Miley. Slightly confused i called her back. Almost immediatly she picked up the phone. What the hell is going on Miley? I woke up and i had 3 fucking misse calls from you. I thought you were dead or something like that. She lightly chuckled but got serious soon after again. Harry showed up at my door yesterday. When she said the name Harry my hand automatically went to my neck feeling the bruises Harry left there. Great. How did he know where you live ?? I asked confused. I don't have a clue she said. But he asked me a lot about you. What?? What kind of things ?? Just normal random things your background your friends. And your parents she whispered. Did you tell him ?? I basically screamed into the phone. Well yeah he kept pushing so i had to. He scared me. I sighed and fell backwards on my bed. Don't worry though i told him you don't want to talk about them ever. Thanks Miley. I need to go now. I have work in an hour and i need to find a way to cover up a lot of hickeys. She laughed. Just wear a scarf love. No one will see them. Oh and by the way what did you two do last night ?? Harry's lips were swollen so i thought you and him had a little make-out session. She laughed again. Not in a million years i groaned. You sure ?? I hate you sometimes i said before hanging up. 


Trying to cover the bruises up with foundation didn't work so i didn't really have a other choice then to just wear a scarf and hoping no one would see them. I decided to just wear my hair down as an extra cover-up. As quick as possible i did my make-up and rushed downstairs to eat.


After i was completely done i grabbed my car keys and phone. Then i got a text. 


From: Harry


When are you coming outside love? I thought you had work. I'll take you.



I knew there was no point fighting Harry so i just threw my keys on the table and walked outside closing the door. I stepped in the car next to Harry but didn't say anything.He went to give me a kiss but i pulled away. Then he looked at the scarf around my neck and smirked. Lightly he lifted up the scard revealing the bruises underneath. You're not supossed to hide them love. You should flaunt them. I'd rather hide them i spat at him. Can you take me to work now i said with a fake smile. Of course princess. And stop calling me princess i said. He chuckled and turned the radio up a bit.

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