I don't love..

I don't love people Kayla. I own them..


3. Once something is mine i don't let it go..


The drive to wherever we were going was pretty awkward. Neither one of us talked but Harry kept on staring at either way my face or boobs. All of a sudden he drove into some kind of small alley. The little road was quite dark and scary. I looked around me and sunk deeper into my chair. Don't worry love it's not like i'm not going to kidnapp you Harry said with a chuckle placing his hand on my knee. I slapped him away and looked outside once again. There wasn't really anything just a few trees and bushes.


After about 10 more minutes of driving Harry pulled up. He jumped out and motioned for me to get out. Since i probably didn't have another choice i jumped out to. Harry threw an arm around my waist but this time i didn't push him away because this place of town was seriously frightening. We have to walk from here love the restaurant is a bit from the road. It's a nice place though. I nodded and we continued to walk. I had to admit i was pretty happy Harry was with me because this place scared the shit out of me. When we arrived to a nice cute place i assumed this was the restaurant Harry was talking about. We went inside and it was pretty nice. There were red seats with wooden tables which made it really cozy. Apperently Harry knew the guy behind the counter because they gave each other a handshake and some kind of manly hug. I hated it when guys do that. They think they are really cool and manly when actually it looks pretty stupid. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Harry pulled me with him towards the table.


When we had both gotten our food we just started talking about some things. Well it was mostly Harry talking because i really didn't feel like being all happy and smiley around someone who basically forced me to date with him. What's wrong ?? He asked all of a sudden. Nothing i said and faked a smile. Just so you know this is our first and last date i said looking right away in his eyes. Feisty he said with amusement in his voice. May be but i meant it i spat. I don't think so love. Once something is mine i don't let it go. I'm not yours and i will never be yours. Can we go now ?? Harry payed the bill and we got out. 


When we got back tot the car he pushed me against it pushing his face in my neck kissing and nibbling the skin there. I was to shocked to do anything so i just let him do what he was doing. After a while he came up and smirked at me. I sarcastically smiled back and tried to get away from his grip. But he didn't let go. Not so fast he said. Where are you going love ?? Home obviously ?? And how are you going to get there ?? It's dark we're it's a long walk and since you don't know where you are you can't get anyone to pick you up. I can do with you whatever i want. Dick i muttered. His grip tightened around my wrist and i whinced in pain. If you want to come home i would watch your words princess. I shrugged his arms of me and walked to a bench near Harry's car.What are you doing ?? He asked confused. Waiting for you to bring me home i spat. You really are a tough cookie aren't you ?? He said with a light chuckle. For the first time this night he actually smiled at me. I kind of am i smiled back at him. He walked towards me and offered me his hand. I gave him a confused look .C'mon he said. I'm bringing you home. I didn't take his hand but walked towards the car. He followed me and we both got in. The ride home was silent but not awkward. Nickelback was softly playing on the background and Harry was softly humming with the song. He didn't look like your normal type of badboy now. He just looked like a normal boy. I smiled to myself thinking that he maybe was a nice boy. Snap out of it Kayla i thought to myself this is the guy who forced you to go on a date with him.


When we got to my house we both got out. Harry walked me towards the porch of the house. I had fun tonight he smiled. We should do this again sometime. He kissed me cheek and walked away. I waved at him and then got in the house.

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