What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


9. Who did it?

Claire's POV:
I fluttered my eyes open to the really bright light that flooded my room. I had no idea where I was. why I was here. And who are these random boys and girl in my room? But I do remember the girl. I think her name was Patty? No, i think to myself. I knew it started with a 'P' so i thought hard. Perrie. Yea that was it. I try calling her name, but I can't my neck really hurts from something and so does my body. I don't know why I look like this but I try to think more. And thinking got me here. Oh my god!!! It's One Direction!! In my room! But what were they doing here? With me? I tried reaching my water cup but with no success. Liam noticed me and got up and handed it to me. I smiled as best as I could, then gulped all the water down. The boys eyes followed Liam as he came to help me. The blonde one approached me and gave me a light kiss on the lips. Niall.
"Hey babe" he said with his strong irish accent. He took my hand and played with a ring on my fourth finger. I looked down and saw the most beautiful ring ever. A perfectly sized ring with 4 clovers and a shiny diamond in the middle. I touched the ring, observing it more. I finally have the voice to speak. 
"Are you like the real Niall Horan?" I say. He laughs at me like I said something stupid "Yup I'm real" he replies to my question 
"Okay so since we are doing questions right now.... who gave me this ring?'' I ask curiously "Silly Claire I gave it to you. Remember we wen't promise ring shopping the other day? He says a little bit more serious now. "What promise did we make? I went with you? Why me? I am regular girl? How did I get here?
'' The promise was to love each other and be honest with each other for as long as we live. And yea we went together. You are Niall Horan's girl. And we don't know how you got here along with your best friend. But she past away earlier today" He says softly
"Oh really? You love me? Why?"
"Yes, I love to the moon and back, even farther! Claire please, please just remember me and that your mine and that I love you" he says  
"Yes really. Her name was Hannah, she was my sister. and thats how I met you" he  says
He leans in to give me a kiss, but i turn my head, because i'm afraid. I turn back and look into his sad eyes. "I'm sorry. I don't really know you. And I'm just really,really, confused right now" I say back 
"What?" he questions. He looks at the doctor and she talks to him outside the room, while I asks more questions to the boys. Niall comes back into the room, this time with tears in his eyes.
"Hey guys can I talk to you?" he says in a hushed tone so this girl Perrie wouldn't here. 

Niall's POV: 
"Lads, she doesn't remember us or me. That I love her"
"I'm so sorry" Louis coos. They all give me a hug then Harry speaks up "Niall, we'll help you get Claire back.... And Hannah she's, she's" "Dead I know" i cut him off mid sentence 
''No she's not!" Harry yells at me 
"What?" I say confused. 
"When I went to talk to the doctor earlier toady , they said she had a heartbeat but a tiny one. I visited her and she was awake, all that time we talked. I tried telling you its just things got in the way" He said. I was so happy. Claire was awake. Hannah was alive. But Claire doesn't remember me. "Im gonna go and um see Hannah" I say quietly. I walked into Hannah's room and told her everything that happened. I cried and so did she. But what made me mad was what she told me at the end. How I had to walk out during the interview, how Claire didn't remember. I couldn't react to her answer. I just didn't know how. But I had to find him. And get him for everything he has done to me and  family.

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