What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


34. Twitter Picture

Liam's POV: Hopefully Claire got the hints I was giving her, but appearanlty not.   "So Claire, I think I told you this but, I was wondering if you would go with me t the dinner thing tonight as my uh… date?" Wow was my voice shaky. I finally realized how much I liked her. I wanted her to be mine.    "Oh Liam, um like as friends?" she asked. I didn't want to go as friends though. I pulled the car over. She looks at me confused and then I explained.    "Look Claire, when you came home with Hannah that day, and there was just something about. I had no clue what it was back then, but now I do. I'm sorry about you and Niall, and that you just got out of a relationship a-"   I'm cut off by small lips. I smiled, but made sure I didn't ruin this moment. I didm't know how to describe this moment. It was better than Daneielle and me kissing. So does this mean yes? I pulled away and looked at her beautiful smiling face.   "Yeah Liam that would be nice" she said. I grabbed her hand and starting pulling back onto the road. The whole time we talked about everything you could think of.    "Claire, so about the dinner thing tonight. Where are you gonna get a dress?"  "Me and Hannah are the same size, I'll just ask her". She pulled out her phone and started to dial her number.   Claire's POV: Liam! And me! Omg! I never thought this would actually happen. I got Hannah's contact on my phone. It dialed a few times then I heard her.   "Hey Claire! Whats up?" she sounded happy, like I mean happy. "Hey can you be at your house in like 15 minutes? Please?"  "Um easure, me and Harry are just at this new baker down the street, but I'll be there."  "Thanks so much. See you soon!" Yay!   Well now I know that Liam Payne is my boyfriend and Niall Horan is my ex. Wow, all in 3 days.    I pull up my twitter on my phone as Liam drives me to Hannah's house. Then I see it. Me and Liam together, holding hands. And Niall has seen it. 
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