What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


83. Twit Cam

Claire's POV:

The interviewer is young and is very energetic. She starts the interview off my greeting us and why greet back 


"Hello Boys!"

"Hi" they all say in unison

"So, Lets talk about your lovely girlfriends that are here with us today. Can you guys introduce them?"

"Well, this is my amazing and talented girlfriend Claire" Niall starts off, his comment makes me blush and I am embarrassed for some reason.

"This is my girlfriend Perrie" Zayn says pulling his face up towards Perrie and gives her a small kiss on the lips. 

"This is Sophia" Liam says plainly

"And this is Eleanor, my gorgeous and ONLY mine, fiancé!" He says like he is giving her an award. I can hear the interviewer squeal with excitement as he finishes 

"And what about you Harry?" The interviewer says loudly

"She couldn't make it today." It makes me sad that he still thinks there together. I mean I don't think they are after they had that big fight. 

"Oh okay, well we would like to see her soon! Any pictures?!"

"Um, no"

"Awww, thats a shame"

She looks over to Eleanor and Louis and you could see her question in her eyes.

"So Louis and Eleanor, tell me everything about how you guys got here today!"

"Well, I met Eleanor through Harry, and when I first met her, it was love at first sight.... well for me. We had been friends for about 2 weeks before I asked her out. I was super super nervous that she would say no, because I mean... look at her! She doesn't deserve something like me. Well she said yes. And then one date added up to 3 years worth of them, and everyday I would fall more in love with her Her personality, beauty and just herself. And from day 1 I knew she was the one. And I am honored to say that she in all mine.... finally."

The interviewer was wiping away a "tear" from her eyes. She looked at Liam next and then he smiled at her.

"So Liam and Sophia, eh?" He laughs and then starts


"So how long have you been together?"

"Well, I have known Sophia for all my life, literally! And then about a week or two ago we ran into each other and yea"

"Aww how cute! So how long have you been dating?"

"Um" He looks really nervous for some reason. 

"About more than a week"

I look back at the interviewer then switch my face back to Liam, he is looking at me, and I know exactly why. I feel the tears coming on, but I try to hold them back so I won't get questions. Me and Liam haven't even been broken up for about a week. That means he was with Sophia before we broke up. I zone out for the rest of the interview, besides the time I have to speak. I light in the back goes off signaling that we are free to go. I run out of the room and wait by the car, hoping Liam doesn't try to explain anything.


Hannah's POV:

It was about almost the time that Claire told me they would be doing the twit cam. I really didn't know how to feel, I mean I would see Harry again, and I didn't want to. I changed into my pjs and walked into the kitchen to see a note on the counter from Michael.

'Hey Hannah. I'm at a local bar. Here's my number, call if you need anything. Michael.'

I walked past the note pulling a can of chicken noodle soup out of the pantry. I poured it into a bowl and placed it in the microwave, I pressed the numbers and let the soup heat up. I turned on the telly and went to the google icon. Michael's telly acts like a laptop too. I punched in the address for the website and clicked the enter button. My soup made a binging sound showing that it was really hot. I walked over and clicked the button opening the door to my soup. I pulled a spoon out of the drawer and carefully walked towards the telly and couch. Right as I sat don all the twitcams came on. I selected the one with Niall's username and with in seconds I could see all the boys and their girls. God I wish they could see me. I thought.

"Hey there! Hope all you guys enjoyed our little interview today and please keep watching!" Louis says starting off the video. 

"Hey guys so we have a little surprise for you!" Zayn says popping out of no where.

"ITS A NEW ALBULM!" Niall screams letting his voice crack. I laugh at how weird and lovable my brother is. I see a dark figure in the corner of my screen. It's Harry. I whisper his name hoping he would here. Obviously not. I looked at the bottom of the telly screen seeing how fast the number of people are watching going up. With in 5 seconds 3,000 more people give their focus to them. I just watch and listen mostly paying attention to Harry still sitting there. I hope he talks. 

"Okay so thats all for now! Bye!''

"WAIT!" I hear that familiar deep voice yell from the back. Liam barely misses the end button as he moves out of the way for Harry.

There he was. I extend my hand hoping he would grab it. My hope falls as he starts talking. But comes back by his words. I start  crying just as he ends it.

"Hannah, I miss you and love you.... I hope you know that".

He ended the twitcam by telling the whole world that. I am really crying now. And my soup is still not eaten and cold. I hear the door open and turn around to see Michael. He completely ignores me and walks to his room. I have no clue why though.

Michael's POV:

Yep its over.  My chance with Hannah. Harry still has feelings for her. And I know that she will say yes to him more than me. I pin my ear up to the door before I unlock it. I hear Harry's voice say

"Hannah, I miss you and love you.... I hope you know that."

I'm completely mad. I walk through the door, without saying hi to her. I lock myself in my room and sit on my bed wanting parts of me to- kick her out, ask her out and go back a hug her. 


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