What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


27. Tour?

Liam's POV:
Me and Claire hug like a friend hug. But then Niall storms into the room and goes crazy

"LIAM!" He roars at me

"Niall, calm down, Liam was..." he cuts off Claire

"No Niall, what do you think we were doing?!" I sat at him 

"Are you cheating on me Claire?...... With my best friend?" he says painfully

"Niall i would never! And over the past few days I've learned that I love you, and I do" she says with tears falling

"Save it Claire" Niall says rudely. He walks out of the room, with his head down

Claires crying hard right now, I reach out to grab her hand, but she pulls away.

"Liam please, just get out" She whispers coldly
I walk out of the room and close the door. 

Claire's POV:
I can't believe Niall would think that, and guessing on that fight we just had, we are done. I didn't know what to think, all these memories coming back, and now they are the only memories I have, all of Niall and me. I cried for a bit longer until, the nurse came in. 

"How are you feeling Claire?" she asked politely 

"Way better" I lied so I could get out of here, to get away from Niall.

"Well, that's great. I have good news. You can leave her in a couple of hours after we do some lasts tests." I smile and she leaves. I decide to get some sleep, hoping the hours would go by faster.

Hannah's POV: 
We finished our code, and by this time we were both awake. We walked in the park, and talked and talked about the randomest things ever. I t was getting late so, we just sat down on a cold bench.

"One second, I'll be right back" Harry said running away

"Okay!" I yelled back to see him fading away I look around the park just to make time. I turn my head around to see a cute curly haired boy with a picnic basket in hand. 

"What are you doing?" I laugh

"Just wait... Oh! And close your eyes" I do as I 'm told.

"Okay, open" he says slowly. There on the ground was a blanket with candles outlining it. There was popcorn and hot coco sitting on a tiny table . 

"Oh my god Harry" was all that came out he grabbed my hand and sat me down next to him. It was beautiful and perfect. The stars, the day, the candles, and Harry. To make it all better he plays slow music, gets up and reaches his hand out to me. I get up and stare at him.

"May I have this dance" he says with that cheeky smile. I take his hand and we dance. For what seems like forever. 

"Hannah? Okay I should have told you this earlier, but management doesn't want me to date you publically yet. They have this girl Zoe. And says I have to date her for a while. I said no to them but, they said it would probably ruin part of my career." He says quickly

"I don't know Harry, i think its gonna be hard seeing you kissing a another girl on tv and in magazines" I say bluntly 

"Your right. Who gives a shit about management. Im gonna date whoever I want. And thats you" He says looking into my eyes

"I agree with that" I say

He leans in to kiss me, and so do I. And we do. He pulls me in closer, with my hands in his hair and neck. I do have to say it was pretty steamy. 
We end it and he says

"Will you go on tour with me?" 

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