What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


5. The Worst

Niall's POV:
I'm in the middle of an interview in New Zealand when I get a call from unknown number. I tap the decline button and focus onto the interview.
"So Niall" the interviewer Georgia said,  I redirected my eyes to her showing that Im listening "So Niall, any special girl in your life right now?" God I'm so sick of this question. At every single interview or meet in greet.But I'm finally happy to answer the question " Yea." I say with confidence while sort of blushing "Claire" I saw with a small grin, I look over at Greg, to check on him just incase he's not making out with one of the tv producers. Greg is man slut. He's taking a phone call. But what makes me pay more attention to him is the look on his face. He seems worried and sad. "Niall we have to go....NOW" he mouthed to me I replied back "WHY?" i  finally spoke in a furious tone "IT'S MOM, HANNAH, CLAIRE THEY NEED US"  I excused myself to go see what is Greg mean by this "What do you mean, I'm in the middle of an interview and its live!!" I say yelling at him quietly. "They're... they're, in the hospital, on life support. " Those words, my heart dropped. I cared and loved my family so much. I had to go. I had to see them. 

I told the boys it was an emergency and they understood. I apoligized to the tv people and of course they asked me why. "Niall. Niall. Care to tell us about Claire?" she asks white urgency in her eyes "No not right now I can't" I say sadly "It was a live interview so the whole world is viewing. Even Claire. "Well there you go Directioners! Niall not wanting to talk about his first girlfriend in a while" That comment makes me angry. So angry I feel I could put someone in the hospital right now, but I had to ignore them and speed walked to my my car. "Where are they?" I roared at Greg "Home. We have to catch  flight" he said, so quietly no could her but I heard perfectly. We take the fastest route to the airport. I call Paul, and tell him I  cant make it to the meet and greet later tonight. Of course he's mad, but who gives a  fuck right now? The whole plane ride i kept thinking how,when, where, and how come dad didn't call. 
 Right before I passed out of tiredness  on the plane, I called a car to come and pick us up. I walked off the plane silently, wanting no one to bother me. I saw the doors of the airport. I was in a daze because I forgot why all these girls were at the doors, with security fighting to hold them back. "Dammit" i say 
We quickly walk through the phsyco fans that surround us, with the help of bright blinding snaps of lights that hit and retreat. We jump into the car and I yelled the address at the car driver. He seemed scared and that hurt me more even though I had no clue who he was.
*Arrived at the hospital*
Greg and me run/walk to the front desks with our hoods on not wanting anymore attention. 
"Hello, what room is Hannah Horan, and Claire Oliver  in?" i try to say in my most polite voice to the lady behind the computer
"And how are you related to her?" She says in a voice that belonged to a snot
"I'm her brother and so is he" I say pointing towards him, as he's making eyes and the front desk lady
I roll my eyes and give my attention back to the lady at the computer.
"Okay Mr. Horan, room 531 on the fourth floor" she replies back
"Thanks" I drag Greg out of the lobby and onto the elevator
I press the 4 button as my words come out of my mouth "Greg, don't make this time any worse by hooking up with the nurses" I spit
"Look Niall, you need to pipe the fuck down, they are gonna be okay. trust me"
"The last time you said that you almost got killed cause you where drunk" I say forcefully
He turns to me and punches me, hard. He used to be a kick boxer like my dad but i knew i wouldnt stand a chance.
The easiest thing I could do... I punched him in the jaw.And thank God the elevator doors opened I ran first to Claire's room. But to see only the worst 


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