What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


6. Seeing them

Niall's POV: 
She's asleep with the heart monitor thingy barely beeping. I walk over to her, but carefully, I didn't want to pull out any of the needles out out from her. She didn't even look like herself, with all these bruises,scars, burns and marks on her beautiful face. I want to know who did this, cause they'll pay. I pulled a chair from the wall of the room and put it down on the side of the bed. I reached for her hand and caressed in mine and I kissed it gently.
"Claire" I sniffed do to tears that are seen falling down my face "Claire, don't give up on this, on us, I love you, and can't live with out you"
I pulled out a small velvet black box, opening slowly was a small promise ring that had a thick band and in the middle was four four-leafed clovers. It was silver and the middle clover had a small but pretty diamond in the at the center. I gently placed it on her swollen fingers, and pecked her hand. 
A few minutes later the boys walked in and sat next to me and hugged me. I cried in Liam's shoulder while Zayn tried comforting.
"Harry is visiting Hannah right now" I look up at the monitor to make sure it was still beeping. It was but I bit more quicker than last time. I put a small smile on my face and turned around seeing Louis with cotton swabs in his ears and gloves on his hands trying to make me laugh. It works. I lightly chuckle. The doctor comes in and asks e and the boys to exit the room.
"Why" I say in a rude tone 
"Mr. Horan, I understand you are close to her" Obviously she doesn't know that we were in a serious relationship "We have to do/take some tests, if she was awake, you would have permission to stay but since she's not I am gonna ask to leave" the doctor said in a kind voice
"Ok" I turned away, about to cry again but then i totally forgot about my sister. I walk over to the nieghboring room of Claire's that is on the left. She looks even worse than Claire does. Even with out with face and body messed up she didn't look like me. 
I notice Harry holding her hands like I did with Claire. His face is in the dirty sheets of her bed. I didn't approve of Harry liking Hannah since all he wanted was to get her pregnant. She wasn't ready, even though she's leaving for college soon. 
Her monitor was at an even slower pace than Claire's. I saw next to the bed was a blue  button that said EMERGENCY CALL on the button. Harry took  a deep breathe and looked up. Hannah didn't know how much Harry loved her. He whispered something in her ear, and walked away letting me see her. He got up and sat in the stool in the back  of the cramped room. The second he sat down on the stool, the monitor had a long and high pitched beep. And never beeped again. 

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