What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


29. Running from Fans

Hannah's POV:
Oh my god! Tour with Harry? That sounds amazing and fun! But its 9 months and that means 9 months away from home and Claire. 

"Oh Harry I don't know, I mean what about Claire? I can't just leave her here al-" I started 


"Its ok, Claire can come with us, I just can't think about not being with you" He said. It put a smile on face for him to say that. 

"Ok" He picked me up and spun as we kissed. It was just... indescribable.  He put me down and after that we just layed on the blaket and looked at the stars

(its super cheesy sorry)

"Hannah, your beautiful, the most prettiest, gorgeous, and kind thing I have ever had. Your smile is beyond perfect, and so is your laugh. Your personality is crazy, and your funny, like Louis funny. You put a smile on my face even when I text you.  I just want to pause this moment, forever and be with you. So I guess I am asking you this.... Hannah Leah Horan will you be my girlfriend?"


I looked at him to make sure he wasn't joking. But by the look of his face he was serious, that had some worry hidden but still there. 

"Harry Styles.... I would love that" I smiled at him, and we kissed. In the middle of it, I heard a high pitched scream. Harry pulled away and cussed quietly.

"Never, I never get a chance to do something I love" He quickly packs up everything, and grabs my hand and sprints away, dragging me from behind.

Soon one girl turned into 100's then 1000's then it looked like every girl in the world. He pulls out his phone and calls someone, I don't know who, but I didn't care because right now I didn't wanna die. :p 

"I called Paul and told him to help us!" He screamed over the loud fans that are about to run over us. 

"He said to look out for a blue car!"  

I looked and may I say that he did look very fine when he was stressed. A blue car pulled up and we jumped inside. We just hoped that it was the right blue car. 

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